Why Akshara Yoga School

Sustainable Yoga Training

When practiced properly, Hatha is a profound technology for inner well-being. Our proficiency in Hatha Yoga is based on our mastery over fundamentals with intelligent verbal cueing and hands-on adjustments. The internal dynamics and ethics of Hatha, when applied through a standardized training, we experience a safe, transformational, and sustainable Yoga most suitable for yoga teachers.

Quality of Life

Our school offer many ways for living a high quality of life with all amenities. Enjoy every day fresh organic meal, use Yoga resource library, recreate in nature and connect to Wi-Fi for latest updates in Yoga. All this is for you to hassle free explore the layers of yoga and gain as much competency in Yoga as possible during your stay.

Maharishi Yoga Studio

It is a matter of great satisfaction to announce for all prospective students about the upcoming Maharishi Vastu Yoga Hall at Akshara Yoga School. A vastu structure resonates with the structure of universe, to remain connected and open to universal structure and intelligence. Deepen your yoga experience by practicing Yoga in an exclusive Vedic Building



Hatha Yoga TTC

The 200 hour Yoga Teachers Training Course is a fully residential 4 weeks course in Hatha Yoga accredited by YOGA ALLIANCE 

Yoga teacher training course is for all yoga enthusiasts from across the world wishing to gain true, reliable and relevant yoga knowledge on the spiritual land of India and to disseminate it further. Yoga TTC is offered in classical Hatha yoga as a holistic science of living, dealing with the complete phenomena of human personality for one’s total well-being. Become yourself a beacon of this knowledge as a Certified Yoga Teacher from Akshara Yoga School

Students intake will be 10 in a batch.

Upcoming TTC Batches

Dates Course Fees Action
February 1-28, 2018 $1250 Apply Now
March 5-31, 2018 $1250 Apply Now
April 2-29, 2018 $1250 Apply Now
May 2-29, 2018 $1250 Apply Now

Why Yoga

Yoga is search for the highest within, i.e. Self Discovery, which is awakening of human potential.

This search for the Self has made yoga a holistic art and science of living, encompassing all aspects of human personality i.e. physical, mental, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual. As an art yoga leads to the harmony – inner (body, mind and emotion) and outer (social, professional). As science yoga leads to the systematic and scientific process of corroborating all the changes occurring at all levels of personality to be experienced by all, at all times and places, irrespective of gender, creed, race or religion.

Teacher Training Review

  • Daniel, Switzerland

    The Akshara Yoga School is a very good choice for those who want a different experience from the usual networks that can be found in Rishikesh or Goa. The teacher is inspiring and experienced .He masters pedagogy, but above all he is an example of kindness and humility. Teacher here embodies the true spirit of Yoga and transmits it with great kindness and passion. The food that is 100% organic is healthy and delicious. I would do this choice because I found there all the answers to the questions I asked myself and it reinforced my motivation to do yoga but especially because it has been a great privilege to meet beautiful people. 
  • Leonor, Philippines

    Indeed, a great and wonderful 200 hours Yoga TTC in Akshara Yoga School with lots of new learning. The yoga training of 28 successful days reminds me that I have been part of something that is simply an amazing experience. I learned a lot. Our teacher, synthesized the ancient wisdom of Yoga into five basic principles that can easily be incorporated into our own pattern of living, to provide the foundation for a long and healthy life which is around these five principles of proper relaxation, proper exercise, proper breathing, a proper diet, and a positive thinking & meditation. In fact, the school has a lot to offer in student satisfaction from the school's natural environment to the stellar support of the staff and close-knit loving family. Thank you Akshara..you will be kept close to my heart.
  • Pedro, Portugal

    I liked the teacher and staff and enjoyed the yoga sessions very much. I improved on my health and gained the ability to continue my yoga practice all by myself.
  • Rosette, France

    Great, nice and humble teacher and supportive loving family with lot to share in beautiful sceneries and atmosphere. If you want to learn yoga and to feel at home I recommend you to come here!
  • Maria, Spain

    I have been at Akshara Yoga school for yoga vacation and it has been an amazing experience to me. The place is beautiful in the middle of nature, very green and peaceful. I have had yoga and meditation lessons both practice and theory, means the teachers there are well qualified. At the same time they are friendly and helpful. The school is very clean , room is comfortable and you have your own space. The food is delicious! I highly recommend for everyone and I will go back for sure !
  • Anja, Germany

    Competent teacher, friendly and helpful staff, many amazing trips and transfer from and to the airport included, delicious vegetarian organic food, beautiful landscape. What more could you want?
  • Sharvi, India

    Escapades yoga - this is what I would name my recent adventurous introduction to everyday yoga at Akshara Yoga School. I am using this word everyday yoga as being an HR professional by career and having a hectic life in a metro city, I needed a yoga school to enrich me with simple and effective yoga asanas which I can continue once I am back in my schedule. I opted for 7 days yoga vacation at Akshara and i would recommend everyone to treat yourself with yoga vacation at Akshara than to any other ordinary holiday.    
  • Varvara, Greece

    Some times words are not enough to describe such a dazzling landscape! Akshara Yoga school is synonymous to serenity! My HATHA yoga teacher Saurabh Chaudhary, redefined and at same time enhanced my knowledge on TRADITIONAL HATHA YOGA! Mrs Savita, my Hindi teacher,always caring and smiling, taught me patiently this difficult scientific language! Mrs Nikki, the farm's director explained me readily everything about milking. Ravindhar, school's cook,was preparing 3 delicious meals per day, no need to mention the traditional sweets!!! Amazing that everything on my plate were cooked immediately from this excellent organized farm!!! Usha,the lady who was keeping my room clean,is one of the humblest persons I ever met in my life! I feel blissful about the knowledge that acquired from this place! Knowledge literally and metaphorically.    

Meet Our Team

Saurabh Chaudhary
Chief Yoga Teacher
Anuj Kumar
Yoga Teacher: Hatha
Gaurav Chaudhary
Sustainability Officer

Health and Well-being in Your Hands

Shat Karma

Bring control on different reflexes and establish psycho-physiological balance through purification processes


Stabilize the mind and body through static stretching. Establish the rhythm in the neuromuscular impulses and improve muscle tone


Extend the life force or vital energy in the body. Connect body and mind and open higher states of consciousness

Dharana & Dhyana

Dharna is what you do; dhyana is what happens to you. Dhyana is the state of effortlessness and beginning of Yoga

Advance Techniques

Work on each kosha or sheath of the five layered existence of our personality known as Panchkosha

Relaxation Techniques

Yoga is more about undoing rather than doing. Undo and unfurl into who you are. Come home to yourself and feel relaxed

 Yog Darshana

Yog darshana is not a philosophy. It is not manufacturing Reality with reason. Reality exists and Darshana is its realization

Teaching Methodology

As Yoga educator we create learning experience and bring out all that is best in you