Hatha Yoga TTC

200 hour Haṭha Yoga TTC

Haṭha Yoga is based on the basic principle of yoga as union. It is the union of the two polarities that we find universally throughout the nature. Haṭha Yoga represents this duality in human body as ‘Ha’ which is piṅgalā or right nostril and ‘Ṭha’ which is iḍā or left nostril. There are several representations of piṅgalā (right nostril) and iḍā (left nostril), most relevant from the yoga practice point of view is the prāṇa (vital energy) and manas (mental energy) governed by the right and left nostrils. Broadly it is the union of body and mind. When the dual aspects of iḍā and piṅgalā merge there is awakening of higher consciousness in the practitioner. That is why the purpose of āsana, prāṇāyāma, cleansing techniques etc. in Haṭha Yoga is to open energy channels for the flow of energy in definite paths without causing any harm to body and mind.

Haṭha Yoga starts with something we know i.e. the grosser parts, and then it takes our attention to the higher level i.e. the finer ones of which we have no awareness. Therefore, Haṭha Yoga gradually draws our awareness from known to something not known. This is the whole concept of growth in Yoga, to discover the finer and unknown parts within us. Most of us know our body, so let us start with body and move towards the unknown and more powerful dimensions of our personality. Therefore, in Haṭha Yoga it is of prime importance to maintain self-observation and to witness the changes that takes place in the body so that we become aware of the subtler aspects of our personality.

Hath Yoga & Teacher Training Course (TTC)

After practicing Haṭha Yoga for a period of time the mental distractions wither away, giving way for mind to settle down on a point of inward concentration. It is at this point of time that Rāja Yoga comes into play and takes the practitioner to higher practices of dhāraṇa (concentration) dhyāna (meditation).

The 200 hour Yoga Teachers Training Course is a fully residential one month (4 weeks) course in Haṭha Yoga. Yoga teachers training course is for all yoga enthusiasts from across the world wishing to gain true, reliable and relevant yoga knowledge on the spiritual land of India and to disseminate it further. Yoga Teacher Training Course is offered in classical Haṭha yoga as a holistic science of living, dealing with the complete phenomena of human personality for one’s total wellbeing. Students intake will be 10 in a batch.

Course Highlights

  • Professional, scientific and contemporary way of Yoga teaching to help you make the yoga way of living your own.
  • One of the best school infrastructure in India.
  • Learn Advance Yoga Techniques.
  • A unique blend of tradition and modern scientific approach to Yoga learning.
  • Ample free time for self study and reflection.
  • Conducted in 70 acre sustainable Agriculture Farm.
  • Enjoy fresh vegetarian organic meals.
  • Field trips and outing to Reserve Forests, National Parks and into the Himalayas with one night stay.
  • Extra recreational classes like traditional Indian painting and cooking.


  • Become a Yoga Alliance certified Yoga Teacher.
  • Internationally recognized Yoga Alliance certified course making you eligible to teach yoga worldwide.
  • A solid foundation on Yoga as a system of holistic living.
  • Ability to make your own Yoga sequence for self development.
  • Competency in teaching more than 50 Āsana, major Prāṇāyāma, Kriyā and other Advance Yoga Techniques.
  • Competency in dealing with modern day hazards like stress through Yoga.
  • Comprehensive understanding of Yoga with exposure to all four streams of Yoga.
  • Take home India’s rich spiritual heritage.


The purpose of all Yoga is to be in tune. When you are in Yoga, you achieve absolute harmony between body, mind and existence. The 200-hour Haṭha Yoga Teachers Training Program provides a solid foundation in Yoga by fine-tuning oneself to the state of union to bring out the best in you.

  1. Training in Āsana techniques for offsetting the pair of opposites, making each posture an experience of firmness and pleasance. Learn to teach more than 50 āsana as a tool for developing stability in body and mind.
  2. Prāṇayāma for extending the life force and opening of the higher states of consciousness. This also includes bandhas for channelizing energy into specific paths.
  3. Kriyā for detoxification, deep internal awareness and voluntary control over involuntary reflexes.
  4. Meditation for generating the creative potential, the dynamism of consciousness, through the experience of silence within.
  5. Learn advance yoga techniques for witnessing the deeper layers of mind and thereby effective release of stress and tensions from the body-mind system.
  6. Teaching methodology and asana adjustments.
  7. Essentials of anatomy and physiology to understand to mechanism of yoga practices at the level of mind and body.
  8. Explore the holistic concept of human personality from yoga perspective.
  9. Develop a balanced and harmonious personality by working on different facets of personality through the exploration of four streams of yoga.
  10. Study of traditional Yoga texts of Haṭha Yoga Pradīpikā, Bhagavadagītā and patañjali yogasūtra.


  1. Integrated campus with accommodation, dining, classroom, studio and faculty residence in the same premises.
  2. Three wholesome organic meals with evening snacks
  3. Comfortable twin sharing accommodation
  4. 24 hour free Wi-Fi service
  5. Library with excellent collection of yoga books and magazines
  6. Sprawling 70 acre farm for leisure activities
  7. Pick and drop facility from & to New Delhi airport included in course fee
  8. Atmospheric Yoga Hall


Yoga is for everyone and everyone needs Yoga. Whether you have some prior experience of Yoga or if you are completely new to the discipline, Yoga picks the individual from where he is. What you need is the pragmatic awareness of the fact that Yoga is a spiritual discipline and that which strengthens your yoga practice should be observed and rest be rejected. We accept application from 18 years of age onwards and there is no upper age limit. Even during the last stage Yoga practice accrues great benefit says the Bhagavadagītā.

Course Breakup

1 Techniques, Training and Practice 100
2 Teaching Methodology 25
3 Anatomy and Physiology 20
4 Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics 30
5 Practicum 25
TOTAL (hrs) 200

Schedule (Tentative)*

Timings Session
6-7:30 AM Yoga Practice (Kriyā, āsana, prāṇāyāma, dhyāna)
8-8:30 AM Breakfast
8:45-9:15 AM Karma Yoga
10-11 AM Lecture/ Jñāna Yoga
11-12 AM Lecture/Asana Adjustment/Teaching Methodology
12-12:45 PM Advance Yoga Practice (CM, PET, MSRT)
1-1:30 PM Lunch
3-4 PM Yoga Sūtras/Bhagavadgītā
4-5 PM Anatomy & Physiology
5-5:30 PM Evening Snacks
5:30-6:30 PM Yoga Practice
6:30-7 PM Bhajan/Bhakti Yoga/Leisure
7-8 PM Self Study
8-8:30 PM Dinner
9:45 PM Lights-out

* Schedule for weekdays (Monday-Friday), Saturday: Half day, Sunday: Rest day/excursion

Course Location

The pollution free and peaceful environment of Chaudhary Farms forms the woodland of Akshara Yoga School. Located at 300 km from New Delhi, in the district of Pilibhit, the idyllic farm nourishes the Yoga School with its pure air, water and food. Apart from this a 50 cow in-house dairy farm ensures supplies for fresh milk to the school kitchen towards the procurement of milk, curd, butter, ghee and other milk products used in the meals.


TTC Dates

Dates Price
June 2-29, 2017 closed
August 1-28, 2017 $1400  Available
September 1-28, 2017 $1400  Available
October 2-29, 2017 $1400  Available
November 2-29, 2017 $1400  Available
December 4-31, 2017 $1400  Available
February 1-28, 2018 $1400  Available
March 5-31, 2018 $1400  Available
April 2-29, 2018 $1400  Available

Fees for Hatha yoga TTC for Indian Nationals is Rs 50000. (Includes registration fess Rs 10,000) Call us to Book

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