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Yoga is a nice method to balance your mind and body, your work and life.

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Yoga help you to keep strong, happy and healthy in everyday activities

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Monthly at Yogi, we have workshop to keep learners active at study.

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I Love Yogi

  • Some times words are not enough to describe such a dazzling landscape! Akshara Yoga school is synonymous to serenity! My HATHA yoga teacher Saurabh Chaudhary, redefined and at same time enhanced my knowledge on TRADITIONAL HATHA YOGA! Mrs Savita, my Hindi teacher,always caring and smiling, taught me patiently this difficult scientific language! Mrs Nikki, the farm's director explained me readily everything about milking. Ravindhar, school's cook,was preparing 3 delicious meals per day, no need to mention the traditional sweets!!! Amazing that everything on my plate were cooked immediately from this excellent organized farm!!! Usha,the lady who was keeping my room clean,is one of the humblest persons I ever met in my life! I feel blissful about the knowledge that acquired from this place! Knowledge literally and metaphorically.


  • Varvara

Our Blog

Yogic Sukshama Vyayama: A Subtle Practice of Yoga

March 19, 2017

Yoga & Discipline Yoga means a discipline of the mind and body. Its aim is to develop, through gradual stages, a quality of mind which...

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Four Paths of Yoga as Complete Health care System

March 15, 2017

Today, the modern age seems to be going through a great crisis. Science has revolutionized our life. It has considerably changed the old world by...

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How You Can Spend Your Leisure Time at Akshara Yoga School

February 27, 2017

An intensive 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training course for preparing students to take the role of yoga teacher can be hectic in nature. One has...

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