Life at Akshara

Positive health

Health comes natural to all the residents of Yoga school. There is a corollary between yoga and health. Yoga is to realize. Yoga calls this realization as svarūpa i.e. one’s own essential self. Similarly, health is to be aware. This state of health is called svastha i.e. established in one’s own self. In both the cases it is the ‘Self’ or pure awareness which presupposes the outcome of Yoga as well as health. A healthy person is close to Yoga and Yoga is close to health. Therefore, the vision of health envisaged in Yoga extends much beyond the physical to include the mental, social and spiritual aspects under its fold. Thus, it is the spirituality that binds this corollary between Yoga and health together. One follows the other.

This component of Spirituality makes health and well being a continuous function and not a discrete ‘state’ to be achieved and maintained. This continuous function is a dynamic continuum ranging from our lower nature to higher nature. Health and ill-health lies between these two points. Yoga is a systematic process of growth towards our higher nature, including techniques useful for practical applications in making man healthier.

Spiritual experience supported by Yoga is always accompanied by a series of physiological, neuro-physiological and biochemical changes at the physical level which has a corresponding effect on the way we feel and think. Every Yoga practice produces a parasympathetic dominance over body with the slowdown of respiratory, metabolic and pulse rate, giving a sense of restful alertness.

Apart from this Yoga brings inner maturity and a positive attitude in life which helps in dexterous handling of stressful situations. Consequently, there is reduced activation of the HPA (hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal) axis, responsible for the release of cortisol (stress hormone) in the system. Raised blood cortisol levels suppress immunity and digestion and increases the susceptibility to cold, cancer, ulcer, depression and other ailments.

Therefore, strengthening the spiritual dimension of personality through yoga has far reaching consequence on our health and longevity. Boost up your health as you stay in our school with inner subjective experiences.

Organic Food

Akṣara is a unique place where healthy and pure vegetarian organic food is served daily to all yoga school residents. A light and balanced vegetarian diet is considered conducive for yoga practice according to Haṭha yoga. Cereals and vegetables are grown organically in our own farm and served fresh. The school has many orchards for seasonal supplies of fruits as well.

Farm fresh milk

Milk and milk products form an important part of Yogic diet science ancient times. Cow’s milk is considered as an elixir in Yogic traditions and has healing properties. Hatha yoga has considered milk and ghee as conducive for yoga practice. In our yoga school we provide fresh and pure milk procured from our own dairy farm. All cows are fed on a highly nutritious forage and silage, grown and prepared at our farm to get high quality nutritious milk.

Living and Learning

We provide comfortable living with all the amenities to make life easier for students. A pleasant living experience makes a delightful learning experience. We provide twin sharing comfortable rooms with attach toilets. All toilets are fitted with modern fixtures to provide you a really comfortable experience. We maintain a well-equipped kitchen with very strict hygiene standards. Our kitchen is also open for Indian cuisine cooking classes with qualified home science teacher.

Our school has an excellent collection of Yoga and Vedānta books to support students in their learning process. Dive deep into the Indian philosophy using our mini library and bring out the timeless wisdom of India for personal enrichment.

Farm Experience

Learning yoga in the country side of India can be a unique experience of your life. Apart from gaining yoga experience you can also gain the live action of farm life as it unfolds everyday in the country side. During the free time students can explore the nuances of farming including dairy which can add to one’s overall experience at the school.

Dairy shed

Yoga stands for union. Yoga teaches us to live in harmony with the nature. It teaches us to experience the single stream of consciousness flowing across the various spectrums of life. See for yourself how intimately you are connected with the nature around as you live and learn yoga in a working farm setting.

Hobby and Recreation

We provide hobby and recreation activities for students. Students can choose the recreation/leisure activity that one wishes to do. One can learn Indian cooking, painting (traditional madhubani), organic kitchen gardening etc. in their free time. We encourage students to think about outdoor activities that can be done in leisure time.


We will conduct outings in weekends for all students during the course of their one month stay in yoga school. Pilibhit is located on the sub-Himalayan plateau in the foothills of Shivalik range. Because of its geographical advantage Pilibhit district is home to rich forest and water bodies. It has several scenic places which can be perfect gateways for outings.

Chuka Beach

Chuka beach is situated between Sharda Sagar Dam Sharda canal. The reservoir is about 2.5 km in width and around 17 km in length. Situated at the bank of Sharda canal, the Chuka spot extends to a length of 10 km meandering with thick forest. This is a beautiful location with all the natural beauties of forest under Mahof Forest Range.


Pilibhit Tiger Reserve

Pilibhit Tiger Reserve is located next door to Akshara Yoga School in Pilibhit district of Uttar Pradesh state in India. It lies along the India-Nepal border in the foothills of the Himalayas and the plains of the ‘terai’ in Uttar Pradesh. It is one of India’s 41 Project Tiger reserves. Pilibhit is one of the few well forested districts in Uttar Pradesh. The Pilibhit Tiger Reserve is one of the finest examples of the exceedingly diverse and productive Terai eco-systems. It is home to a habitat for over 127 animals, 556 bird species and 2,100 flowering plants.

Additional Trips

Additional trips are also arranged during weekends for students willing to pay extra to visit nearby hill stations and tourist places.

We take you to the Taj Mahal

There are two kinds of people in the world. Those who have seen the Taj Mahal and love it and those who have not seen the Taj and love it.”- Bill Clinton

Taj Mahal, the iconic monument of love is one of the most beautiful structure in the world. This modern wonder of the world stand majestically as one of the many pieces of art and architectural grandeur spread across the vast landscape of India’s long history and tradition. The Taj is an experience of its own kind. Its view is said to be so calm and serene that it takes one’s breath away, pushing the spectator into the silence.

Taj Mahal a universally admired masterpiece of world’s heritage is not away from Akshara Yoga School. It is our pleasure to give this opportunity to our international visitors and help them complete their India visit by seeing the Taj.

Taj Mahal

All our Yoga vacationers and TTC members can visit Agra either before or after their course. Let us Know in advance if you intend to see the Taj Mahal. You can tell us about your preference of visiting the Taj Mahal at the time of  filling the application form to make necessary arrangements. All transportation cost will be covered by the school and other expenses are to be borne by the visitor.