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What is the best yoga school?

What is the best yoga school? These days yoga schools are coming up everywhere like never before. Many schools across the world are highlighting their yoga certification program to become a certified yoga teacher from the respective school. With so many styles and traditions of yoga in the offering, it can become a difficult task for beginners to pick the

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Healthy Lifestyle that Yoga Promises

Healthy Lifestyle that Yoga Promises Awareness Awareness is one of the key components of yoga practice. In fact, it is awareness only which gives yoga a special place among various forms of healthy lifestyle, exercise or fitness regimes. Awareness in Yoga simply means keeping track of body movements, breath, sensations and various changes that occur in body and mind while practicing Yoga which

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Yoga in India and Health

Yoga in India and Health Yoga is a spiritual discipline which aims for integrating the personality from lowest to the highest levels of one’s existence. From microcosm to macrocosm, from atomic to cosmic there is a sense of oneness, depicting the uniform flow of awareness. At the more apparent level yoga integrates body and mind towards an optimized life functioning.

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