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How Yoga Helps in Fighting Stress

Yoga is an ancient practice which includes asana, pranayama and meditation in its fold. The objective of these practices is to establish balance in mind, body and energy. A feeling of calmness and wellbeing is a natural outcome of yogic intervention in one’s life. Yoga has clear evidence of reducing the physiological stress among chronic patients as well as among

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Benefits of Yoga in Our Daily Life

Yoga in Our Daily Life Whether it is good physical health, mental alacrity, emotional balance, freedom from stress or good interpersonal relations, Yoga has almost everything on offer. In today’s fast life Yoga has become all the more important because of our exposure to various stresses and hazards with very little or no time to recuperate from its after-effects. Some

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5 precautions to stay safe from Increasing Pollution

Pollution level in Delhi is staggering 18 times higher than permissible levels. The Center needs to intervene to mitigate the alarming levels of smog, which have virtually turned Delhi into a “gas chamber”, mainly due to farm fires in neighboring Punjab and Haryana. New Delhi’s air quality has steadily worsened over the years, a consequence of rapid urbanization that brings pollution

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Yoga and Increasing Pollution

From over the past few decades hazardous chemicals have been escaping into the environment by a number of human activities, causing adverse effects on human health and the environment. The combustion of fossil fuel has considerably changed the atmospheric composition, especially in the big cities. Air pollution has both acute and chronic effects on human health, affecting a number of

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