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Overcoming Dualities: an Assail on Our Well-being, through Asana

What are the dualities that affect our well-being? Let us take real life situation to understand this. We broadly find two categories of people in any work environment. The first category Hyper-Active The first category is of hyper-active people or go-getters and second of hypo-active people or laid-backs. In the first category, a person seems to be running the never-ending

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Shiva, the Adi Yogi

Yoga is a subtle science, belonging to the spiritual realm. In this article, in order to make our self familiar with the subtlety of yogic knowledge, we will focus on Shiva, the originator of Yoga.  Understanding Shiva, the Adi Yogi or first yogi, the Adi Guru or the first guru can be of great help for Yoga students to grasp

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Importance of Inverted Asanas in Your Personal Yoga Plan

Asana is one of the most widely practiced aspects of Yoga today. Practicing asana is also one of the easiest ways to introduce Yoga into one’s life. Making a daily Yoga plan for oneself can be a difficult task. You can read on here to learn on how to bring yoga practice at home. Our focus in this article

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