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Body, Breath and Mind: The Three Components of Yoga

Yoga is a futuristic science of health and happiness, with a holistic vision relevant to the contemporary society. Yoga is a conscious process helping us to rise from our lower instincts to a level of normal discrimination and elevating us to manifest the immense potentialities dormant in us. For a united body and mind you can read the following article

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Yoga: A way of life for refreshing mind and body

Yoga is an ancient Indian spiritual science comprising of physical and mental practices. It is the process of elevating oneself through the process of calming the mind. In simple terms Yoga means to give complete rest to body, mind and our entire being to feel refresh and energetic to be able to work again for days and months to come.

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Why Hatha Yoga is so Popular

Hatha Yoga is a way of disciplining the body. It is working with the body, purifying it and preparing it for channelizing energy towards higher centers. Hath Yoga aims at understanding the science of physiology, to create certain environment within and finally propel energy in specific channels for subtle experiences. Hatha Yoga’s popularity lies in its very nature as a

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