300 Hour Yoga TTC

300 Hour Yoga TTC

The 300 hour yoga TTC is the subsequent step of 200 hour yoga TTC. If you have completed our 200 hour yoga TTC you can recall, and if you are a new student you can see in the description that 200 hour yoga TTC is based on fundamental principles of Abhyasa and Vairagya that we find in Yoga Sutra. The principle of Abhyasa (effort) and Vairagya (relaxation, equanimity, non-attachment) come lively on mat through Hatha Yoga in the form of ‘Ha’ and ‘Tha’. That is why hatha yoga is a springboard to Raja Yoga. Thus, in your 200 hour hatha yoga TTC you have accessed and studied Hatha yoga and walked to certain extent towards Raja Yoga, for none other than experiencing the state of stable tranquility within. This 300 hour yoga TTC is continuation to that calmness where we try to put into practice the achieved tranquility in real world affairs for real transformation.


Our Philosophy of 300 Hour Yoga TTC

300 hour yoga TTC is consisted  of advanced yoga techniques such as advanced asana, advanced pranayama and advanced shatarmka. Students will also be introduced into the technique of Vipassana, the most ancient meditation technique that the Buddha had gifted to humanity. The 300-hour yoga TTC is a sincere effort for the manifestation of the fruits of yoga in our lives. The principle remains the same. Abhyasa and Vairagya are now applied and strengthened more deeply and distinctively as we learn to observe the every single moment filled with fleeting sensations and feelings, and learn to maintain equanimity. It is a journey from Bahiranga (external) to Antaranga (internal) Yoga


We further move in our spiritual journey and sail over from Astiak (orthodox) school to Nastika (unorthodox) school of Indian philosophy. Here nothing is left for philosophical speculation, imagination or abstract explanation, but a concrete work on ground reality for individual’s unmasking and makeover.

Course Highlights

  • Optimization of Asana and Pranayama towards achieving right action, speech and thought for best outcomes in life
  • Learn advance yoga techniques of Pranic Energization Technique (PET) and Mind Sound Resonance Technique (MSRT)
  • Explore the Triple Gem for inner peace and joy
  • Explore the art and science of taking refuge in Buddha (fact of awakening)
  • In-depth understanding of Karma and rebirth
  • Thorough understanding of the Law of Impermance for awakening of wisdom


  • Advanced training in asana for better flexibility of body and stability of mind
  • Learn therapeutic aspects of different yoga techniques
  • Gain new meaning and perspective of ‘Dharma’ for mastery and freedom from uncertainties of life
  • In-depth application of core principle of Abhyasa and Vairagya in Asana and Pranayama training for removal of kleshas (afflictions)
  • Learn the art of refuge in ‘skillful action’ for happiness at sensory as well as transcendental level
  • Learn one of the oldest meditation of India known as Vipassana


The 300 hour Yoga teacher training course aims to consolidate and optimize Hatha yoga to create space for higher yoga. A body-mind complex performing at peak should be an instrument for excellence in speech, thought and action. This is achieved by higher yoga of taking refuge in meditation for maximizing happiness in life.


  • Breath Awareness: Learn 8 breathing techniques for normalizing, balancing and mastery over breath, utilization of lung capacity and bridging the gap between body and mind.
  • Suryanamaskar Variations: For loosening of joints, removing the tardiness, maintaining stamina and preparing for asana and pranayama practice.
  • Chandranamaskara: moon salutation for heart opening and cooling effect.
  • Asana: Advance practice of asana based on stimulation and relaxation for unbinding and discovery of oneself.
  • Pranayama: Slowing down of 1:2 ration of inhalation and exhalation and stilling of breath for quantum leap of awareness.
  • Kriya: Advance cleansing practices to develop inner awareness of organs, build forbearance and deeply relax the bodily systems.
  • Advance Yoga Techniques: Learn additional advance yoga techniques for greater understanding of how yoga functions at different personality levels.
  • Meditation: in the background of delicate balance between relaxation and alertness, learn how to dissolve calmness into ‘insight’.
  • Indian Philosophy: Exploration of the orthodox and unorthodox schools of philosophy (Darshana), with special reference to Boudha Darshana for comprehensive and liberal understanding of spiritual domain.
  • Essentials of anatomy, physiology and psychology.
  • Teaching Methodology for expertise in teaching yoga to others

Course Breakup

Techniques, Training and Practice

Yogic breathing and loosening exercises, sun salutation, asana, pranayama, meditation, kriya, analytical training like principles of yoga adjustments, correction & assistance, Advance kosha specific yoga practices

Teaching Methodology

Meaning & aim of teaching, the learning process, practice & non-attachment, principles of alignment, communication, demonstration and tactile cues, post asana phase, hands-on adjustments, sequencing etc.

Anatomy and Physiology

Introduction to human body, systems of body, evolution of brain and yoga, homeostasis, stress physiology and yoga, yoga anatomy, yoga & health, yoga & disease etc.

Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics

Meaning and nature of yoga, classical definitions of yoga, origin, two school of Indian philosophy, Advance Patanjali yogasutra, Bhagavadgita, four paths of yoga, Buddha and his Dhamma


Application of learning objectives, yoga technique presentation, teaching practice and feedback, unleashing the full teaching potential.

Letting go of clinging is the secret of Nirvana (total release)



To enroll in 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training course you must have completed the 200 hour Yoga TTC from any registered yoga school.



Timings Session
6-7:30 AM Yoga Practice (Kriyā, āsana, prāṇāyāma, dhyāna)
8-8:30 AM Breakfast
8:45-9:15 AM Karma Yoga
10-11 AM Lecture/ Jñāna Yoga
11-12 AM Lecture/Asana Adjustment/Teaching Methodology
12-12:45 PM Advance Yoga Practice (PET, MEMT)
1-1:30 PM Lunch
3-4 PM Indian Philosophy
4-5 PM Anatomy & Physiology
5-5:30 PM Evening Snacks
5:30-6:30 PM Yoga Practice
7-7:30 PM Tratak
8-8:30 PM Dinner
9:45 PM Lights-out


* Schedule for weekdays (Monday-Friday), Saturday: Half day, Sunday: Rest day/excursion

Course Location

The course is conducted at our main campus located in pollution free and peaceful environment of Chaudhary Farms in the village Tanda Bijaisi, Pilibhit. You will be the part of traditional teaching method known as “Gurukul”, where students live with their Guru or teacher until they finish their study. The Gurukul system is the best way to learn where both the teacher and students form a cohesive unit of mutual trust, learning and illumination. Akshara Yoga School is wholly dedicated to impart and develop necessary Yoga skills and knowledge for you to become the best possible Yoga teacher.

TTC Dates


Dates Price
November 1 – December 8, 2021 $1490 Available
February 1- March 10, 2022 $1490 Available
April 1 – May 8, 2022 $1490 Available
June 1 – July 8, 2022 $1490 Available
August 1 – September 8, 2022 $1490 Available
October 1 – November 8, 2022 $1490 Available
December 1 – January 8, 2023 $1490 Available


300 hour yoga TTC is a 38 days program and will be conducted in following manner


Day 0 Arrival
Day 1 Opening ceremony and commencement of course
Day 2-30 Training in asana, pranayama, kriya, advance yoga techniques, yoga adjustments, teaching methodology and philosophy
Day 26 Initiation into Anapana (observation of breath)
Day 31 Initiation into Vipassana and commitment to Panch Shila
Day 32 Written exam and practicum
Day 33 Noble silence begins
Day 34 Practice of Adhishthana begins
Day 38 End of Noble silence and Panchshila. Certification and departure