5 precautions to stay safe from Increasing Pollution

Pollution level in Delhi is staggering 18 times higher than permissible levels. The Center needs to intervene to mitigate the alarming levels of smog, which have virtually turned Delhi into a “gas chamber”, mainly due to farm fires in neighboring Punjab and Haryana.


New Delhi’s air quality has steadily worsened over the years, a consequence of rapid urbanization that brings pollution from diesel engines, coal-fired power plants and industrial emissions.


This situation is terrible for asthmatics, heart related problems and people with throat problems.


There should be some preventive measure that one should take to protect themselves from this hazardous situation.

  1. NO MORNING WALKS. Only go out when the sun comes out, else particulate matter is too high.

  1. Car AC to always be on even if its cool.

  1. Stay indoors to max extent or use only an N-95 mask when outside.

  1. Use AC to sleep in the night with minimal setting. No fresh air concept because it’s not fresh. Keep the widows closed.

  1. Warm saline gargles before sleeping


Vehicle restriction measures like odd-even will not be able to bring down smog as initial studies suggest that the “large scale” influx of pollutant-laden smoke from Punjab and Haryana has aggravated the situation. ⁠