7 Reasons to go to a yoga retreat

Each has its clear reasons is, but some of the most common are:

  1. Disconnect from the routine and stress:

The best way to eliminate the stress of everyday life, whether for business or studies, is to disconnect from what you normally do, including activities that normally do on weekends, and a change of scenery, practicing activities that seek precisely reduce stress, such as relaxation techniques, yoga, meditation, etc.

  1. Connect yourself

Once you start to unwind from stress, mental burden that usually carry all, you start to connect with yourself, calm, silence or the sounds of nature, it is time to find yourself in the present moment, to feel.

Yoga Schools in India

  1. Connect with nature

During the year we are usually quite alienated from nature, so if you can choose, it is best to go to yoga vacation in India, where you know you will enjoy the contact with nature, in or near the sea mountain, and perform some activity, meditation or a walk outside.

  1. You’ll become more loving and compassionate

A yoga retreat remains grounded while stretching to expand your mind and body to have more love and understanding. Yoga stretches your ability in every way. Physically stretch your muscles so you can see a visible increase in flexibility as a result of their practice. But it also extends its capacity for love and compassion. You may begin to experience a deep sense of compassion for oneself and for others. When driven with proper instructions and with care from a trained teacher, the journey opens your heart. Through this expedition you will apprehend its growing capacity in all areas. This allows you to keep everything together in difficult situations and is an invaluable benefit to the rest of your life.


  1. Nurture your body with healthy foods

Since you have decided to spend a weekend taking care of yourself, with yoga vacation in India, meditation, contact with nature, also used to feed in the healthiest way possible, because what you eat, quality and freshness are fundamental to feel good.

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  1. Find others

Although it may not be the main reason you go on retirement, it is true that it is a special occasion to meet with people who look the same as you, peace, relaxation, calm, and in that search the find is as less magical.

  1. You’ll gain a sense of Care

Being aware means to witness what is happening and what you are doing. You cannot help it. There are other people with you, and what you do and utter from your mouth will be observed. The more you focus on being positive, the more you will realize that others respond. These experiences help to see how conscious you really are and the many ways in which they are not. From there, you can choose to improve yourself every day. That’s part of the benefit and the process they undergo. It is very transformational.