Akshara Yoga School is located in the foot hills of Himalayas in the midst of sustainable agriculture farm. Rich biodiversity, pollution free environment, healthy organic food and Yoga competency makes Akshara Yoga School, a one-of-a kind center for Yoga learning in India.

The sanskrit word ‘Akshara’ denotes the ‘imperishable’ Ātman, the unchanging dimension of absolute Silence in man. It also stands for the sacred syllable Om as well as Shiva. Thus, the term akshara highlights the dictum of Yoga as full awareness of the dimension of invariable (non-change) among the variable (change). This awareness of inner poise is also the cardinal principle of Yoga for keeping us physically fit, mentally calm and emotionally balanced. Aligned to this is the keynote essence of Indian spiritual heritage of “established in yoga perform action”, which helps us to accomplish tasks with minimum stress or wear and tear of mind and body.

Our Yoga Teacher Training in Hatha Yoga is closely knit to aforementioned central theme of yoga and spirituality, to bring out ones subtle dimensions. A wide range of yogic practices like kriya, asana, pranayama, dhyana and other advance yoga techniques are taught under the program towards gradual refinement of awareness.

What we bring to our students is our competency and conviction in the scope and utility of yoga ranging from the most physical to the most spiritual. We strive to offer the best in Yoga practices and teaching methods in order to make all our Yoga programs a fulfilling experience. Towards serving the best interest of our goal of offering quality Yoga experience we acknowledge our limitations and remain steadfast in constant self-improvement and growth.

Our School

Our picturesque Yoga School is located in the midst of 70 acre sustainable agriculture farm away from city commotions, making it a one of its kind place to assimilate yoga teachings. The peaceful surroundings and clean environment at Chaudharyfarms®, one of the leading agriculture farms in the north-west tarāī (Himalayan foothills) region of India serves as the backwoods of Akshara Yoga School. Located 300 km east of New Delhi in the district of Pilibhit, it is well connected by roads and rails. With a tillage area of around 70 acres, Chaudhary farms has come down a long way from a site of dense forest and uncultivable land some five decades ago to a place of productive farming.

Over a period of time it has acquired extensive expertise in farm practices and today, Chaudhary farms is known for its good agronomy practices. It is also a leading farm in agro-forestry farming and has participated in global agro-forestry conferences.

A rich biodiversity and ecology preserved in the farm by following the agronomy best practices along with dairy farming, ensures healthy air, water and soil that nourishes the farm. The school campus has more than hundred different types of plants and trees. All this secures a healthy living in school where we produce and serve healthy food for all the school residents. Most of the cereals, vegetables and fruits are grown organically in our own farm. Along with this we also serve milk and milk products from our own farm fresh unadulterated milk. Pure vegetarian and sattvik diet is important for yoga learning.

A quality Yoga training complying with the standards set by Yoga Alliance is thoroughly ensured in the school. This standard is met by the expert yoga faculty educated at leading yoga institutes and universities of India, along with their rich experience of yoga teaching.

School Motto

Yogasthaḥ Kuru Karmāṇi –‘Established in Yoga Perform Action’ is the school’s motto taken from Bhagavadagītā (2.48). It is chosen for the fact that it captures the personality of India as land of spiritual technologies. Perform action or swadharma (one’s natural disposition), ‘categorical imperative’ and yet maintain the awareness of non-action i.e. Yog. This is the technique of mastering the dynamics of life. This is the eternal message of India – reconciliation of the apparent opposites of dynamism and silence into unity, into a harmonious whole and the same is true for the art and science of yoga.

This eternal message was given by Lord Sri Krishna to Arjuna in the battle field of life tore apart by duty versus ethics. Arjuna reconciled this duality by raising his awareness to the unchanging dimension of Yog or unified field, the epitome of Indian spiritual capabilities.

Universal form

Dr. Harendra Kumar

Dr. Harendra Kumar is MD in Pharmacology and in a long career span of thirty years he has served both academic as well as industrial organizations. As a medical professional he has 16 years experience of teaching and research in the field of clinical Pharmacology. As a researcher he has handled several drug development projects and has worked in close collaboration with the industry and the academic alike.

As an academician Dr. Harendra has taught in top medical colleges of India and headed various departments. He has several national and international publications to his credit and published several papers in Pharmacology in leading medical journals. His keen areas of interest have been in teaching and training, research and development, presentations, clinical trials, pharmacokinetics and bioavailability. As an educationist he has been able to reach out to the students to develop in them keen sense of observation.

Gaurav Chaudhary

Gaurav earned his Masters in Economics from Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi. His passion for agriculture took him to his roots where he entered into Sustainable Agriculture, Agricultural Consultancy and Dairy farming. Today he is a thriving entrepreneur in sustainable Agriculture at Chaudharyfarms®, location of Akshara Yoga School. His forte lies in providing the school with school-based, quality-focused and esthetically build sustainable infrastructure.

His expertise in agriculture is a valuable support to Akshara Yoga School located at the family farm. The idyllic natural environment preserved in the school and the production and serving of nutritious organic food add to the overall living and learning experience of students. This sustainable approach supports our Yoga School with clean air, water, organic food and farm fresh milk.

He is also entrusted with the school administration, dealing with the operations and management of resources in an effective manner towards improvement in teaching standards, learning environment and overall experience of students. He is an admirer of Indian Philosophy out of its scientific orientation and practical value in life. He practices Yoga for his personal wellbeing.

Saurabh Chaudhary

It is the deep interest of Saurabh in the field of Yoga and Indian spirituality that led to the conception of Akṣara Yoga School. Saurabh is a Master of Science (Yoga) from SVYASA University, Bangalore. He also holds Management Degree from IIMT Oxford Brookes University, UK.

He is the chief yoga teacher and director at the school. His insightful approach and vision to yoga has been crucial in formulating the Haṭha Yoga Teachers’ Training Course. The overall direction governing the school management and systems is rooted in his conviction of the Vedic culture of deep interaction and unity between the microcosm and the macrocosm. This holistic vision of life where an individual is a part and parcel of the universe is the basis of holism.

Therefore, all decision making processes in holism takes into account the ecological and social consequences, which ultimately dictates the quality of life with better outcomes at the level of physical, mental, spiritual, sociological and environmental dimensions. These are usually traded-off by giving primacy to physical facet of life, adding to the misery at the level of mental, spiritual and environmental dimensions.

We believe that our dedication to holistic vision of life will foster decision making processes that enable us to make prudent use of resources for making Yoga education a fruitful experience for all the students at Akshara Yoga School.

Saurabh Chaudhary

DSC_1855Saurabh is the founder and lead yoga teacher at Akṣara Yoga School. He has received his yoga education and training from the leading institutes of yoga in India. He is a Master of Science (Yoga) degree holder from Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana (SYVASA) University, Bengaluru. He is also a Diploma holder in Yoga Studies from Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga (MDNIY), New Delhi.

Mr. Chaudhary has deep empirical as well as philosophical understanding of the Yoga system of Hindu Darśana. He is fortunate to have received his yoga education under the finest brains, who have brought laurels to the nation through their cutting-edge contribution in the field of yoga. Dr H.R. Nagendra of SVYASA University, Bengaluru and Dr. I.V. Basavaraddi of MDNIY, New Delhi has been instrumental in shaping his personality. Under the tutelage of such leading personalities in the field of yoga, Mr. Chaudhary has been able to gain command over the secular as well as metaphysical domain of yoga.

He has extensive yoga teaching experience with hands-on proficiency in yoga application. He has been trained in the therapeutic application of yoga by working on live cases of non-communicable diseases. Towards the completion of his Master’s Degree in Yoga, he conducted an experimental research on the efficacy of yoga in physiological stress in working executives of corporate sector.

He has also received training in Aṣṭāṅga Vinyasā from Ashtanga Yoga Mysore under Yogacharya Ramesh Sheety. He is a member of Indian Yoga Association and a registered yoga teacher from Yoga Alliance.

Anuj Kumar

02Anuj holds bachelor degree in Physical Education and one year diploma in Yoga Science from Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga (MDNIY), New Delhi. He has a rich Yoga teaching experience where in the last six years he has taught yogic practices in some of the leading fitness centers of Delhi.

Anuj has trained Indian Air Force Personnel in Yoga as a representative Yoga Instructor of MDNIY, New Delhi. He also has international Yoga teaching experience to his credit and worked in China as Yoga Trainer.

Anuj has attended several National Yoga Weeks, conducted by MDNIY, New Delhi to keep himself abreast in Yoga and to continuously hone his Yoga skills