Benefits of Yoga Teacher Training in India

Benefits of Yoga Teacher Training in India

Akshara Yoga School presents some of the reasons for why Yoga Teacher Training ( YTT ) in India will be a wise decision.


India has a rich culture, tradition and history of Yoga and spirituality. Will continue to be the leading destination for generations to come for offering the invaluable gift to humanity i.e. Yoga. India has the largest repositories of spiritual practices, knowledge and skills for personal growth and enrichment.

Traditional and Healthy

New Paradigm

Yoga comes with the tag of holistic approach to health and well-being. Holistic approach to health and well-being envisages harmony between man and nature, body and mind, thought and action, renunciation and enjoyment. This Holistic vision is a paradigm shift from the matter-based world-view of separate parts. And also Separate components to the world view of undivided wholeness. With India’s ancient lore of unity in diversity, none other than in India this new concept of well-being can be better appreciated.

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Yoga Teacher Training in India is far more economical than undergoing a similar duration residential course in Europe or US. Furthermore there is no comparison in terms of better experience and in-depth learning that one receives in India for Yoga than in any other part of the world.

Teacher Training in India

Yoga and Allied Sciences

All ancient Indian sciences are rooted in Vedas. Therefore every Indian body of knowledge including Yoga has a common basis of spirituality attached to them. In India, Learning Yoga one can easily expose oneself to the allied fields of knowledge like

  • Ayurveda or other philosophies like Vedanta founded on spirituality.
Yoga Teacher Training in India

Yoga in India

Many Paths, but United with Goal

Yoga refers to an inner science comprising of a variety of methods through which human beings can achieve union between the body and mind to attain self-realization. Yoga works on the level of one’s will, intellect and emotion. This Has given rise to four broad classification of Yoga i.e.

  • Raja Yoga, Karma Yoga, Jnana Yoga and Bhakti Yoga.

Each system of Yoga we practice falls within the gamut of one or more of three inner faculties and all works for the integration of personality. By learning Yoga in India one has full opportunity to have complete and coherent understanding of Yoga.

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