Yoga is the foundation of creativity

Experience the stroke of serendipity with the emergence of dynamism as you reach the pacify states of your consciousness. Spend each moment in novelty, through creativity and innovation, underlying your own nature. In the state of pacified unity lies the creative diversity. Bring forth the creative potential from the self-interacting dynamics of consciousness. Consciousness, which is self-aware, knows itself as

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Quality of Life

Our school offer many ways for living a high quality of life. Enjoy every day fresh organic vegetarian meal with major ingredients produced in our own farm. Cow milk an important component of yogic diet is available fresh and nutritious from our dairy farm. Breathe in fresh air everyday as you wake up in the dewy serene mornings rich with

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Authentic Yoga

The word Yoga is derived from the saṁskṛta root word of ‘yuj’ which connotes to the two meanings of yoga as: Yuj Samādhau or yoga is concentration and Yujir Yoge or yoga is union. Therefore, yoga is that which takes us either to concentration or union. The system of Indian philosophy like Vedānta and Yoga are concrete and systematic ways

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