7 Reasons to go to a yoga retreat

Each has its clear reasons is, but some of the most common are: Disconnect from the routine and stress: The best way to eliminate the stress of everyday life, whether for business or studies, is to disconnect from what you normally do, including activities that normally do on weekends, and a change of scenery, practicing activities that seek precisely reduce

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Yoga Day Celebration

No matter which profession you belong to or which faith you believe in, a healthy physique and peaceful mind will be all that you wish for. It’s here that Yoga has emerged as a highly revered and effective way of staying fit. With the rapidly increasing popularity of this practice, 21st June is celebrated as the International Yoga Day across

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Boost Your Immune System through Yoga

Don’t you ever feel sick and tired? Nonetheless how healthy you eat or how much you exercise or even how much you rest, you still feel weak and drained? Has it ever happened to you that you get sick easily, have headaches and feel like you need a break? Have you ever considered yoga as a healthy option to improve

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