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Yoga Teacher Training in India: Beyond Rishikesh

Does the tag of yoga capital of the world is apt for the entire Indian subcontinent or Rishikesh? Is Rishikesh a yoga or religious centre? Did this town in the Himalayan foothills played some crucial role in the origin and development of yoga or yoga originated at an entirely different place? What is really Yoga and which place in India

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Use of Sound in Yoga

Since ancient times, people have been using sounds and music to bring changes in one’s state of being or to experience an altered state of mind. According to the vedic knowledge the expressed universe came into existence with an inexpressible sphota. This shpota has a word with the sound of Om. It is from the eternal Om that the whole

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Importance of Inverted Asanas in Your Personal Yoga Plan

Asana is one of the most widely practiced aspects of Yoga today. Practicing asana is also one of the easiest ways to introduce Yoga into one’s life. Making a daily Yoga plan for oneself can be a difficult task. You can read on here to learn on how to bring yoga practice at home. Our focus in this article

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