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    Our Major Offerings

    Our Major Offerings

    • Shat Karma

      Bring control on different reflexes and establish psycho-physiological balance through purification processes

    • Asana

      Stabilize the mind and body through static stretching. Establish the rhythm in the neuromuscular impulses and improve muscle tone

    • Pranayama

      Extend the life force or vital energy in the body. Connect body and mind and open higher states of consciousness

    • Dharana & Dhyana

      Dharna is what you do; dhyana is what happens to you. Dhyana is the state of effortlessness and beginning of Yoga

    • Advance Techniques

      Work on each kosha or sheath of the five layered existence of our personality known as Panchkosha

    • Relaxation Techniques

      Yoga is more about undoing rather than doing. Undo and unfurl into who you are. Come home to yourself and feel relaxed

    • Yog Darshana

      Yog darshana is not a philosophy. It is not manufacturing Reality with reason. Reality exists and Darshana is its realization

    • Teaching Methodology

      As Yoga educator we create learning experience and bring out all that is best in you

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