Why should I come to Akshara Yoga School to learn Yoga?

Akshara Yoga School is set up with the aim of imparting value Yoga education to all seeking Yoga way of life. It is founded by Saurabh Chaudhary trained and educated in Yoga in some of the eminent Yoga institutes of India. The school offers Teacher Training Course in Hatha yoga with the focal point on Yoga as a means of achieving harmony and integration of personality through a systematic process of building a deeper and subtle awareness of our self.

Akshara Yoga School is uniquely situated at a sprawling 70 acre Agriculture Farm. Surrounded by lush green farm the School provides ideal conditions of yogic learning with calm atmosphere and clean air, water and food. We provide comfortable accommodation with all necessities, stress free learning environment and leisure activities to make your stay a memorable experience.

What all will be covered under the fee for my Teachers Training Program?

The fee for the Teachers Training Program is USD 1500 for one month course of 200 hours. The cost will cover:

  • Accommodation with attached bathroom
  • Daily farm-fresh three organic meals with afternoon snacks
  • Teaching Material
  • Library facility
  • Internet facility
  • Field trips

What is the daily schedule of Teacher Training Program?

Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Program focuses on building internal awareness by means of kriyas, asanas, pranayama and other yogic practices. It requires discipline and daily attendance.

Your day will start at 6 am and end at 9.45 pm. In the morning there will be traditional Hatha Yoga practice sessions. Rest of the day will be devoted to theory, asana adjustments and advance yoga techniques. Your Hatha Yoga schedule will be interspersed with the exposure to other major paths of Yoga to compliment your Hatha Yoga practice and to help you get the complete perspective of yogic lore.

The school will provide three healthy meals with snacks in afternoon. You will get sufficient time for self study, rest and recreation.

What are the pre-requisites for the program?

We recommend few things before you enter for the program. The applicant must be 18 years of age. Good physical, mental and emotional health will ensure your smooth passage through the course. Basic knowledge of English is mandatory as course will be run in English medium.

What are the assessment criteria for certification?

Students will be assessed on the following criterion to be eligible to receive certificate

  • Teaching
  • Practice Demonstration
  • Written Exam
  • Attendance
  • Conduct

What are the chief benefits of Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Program?

Hatha Yoga begins with the discipline of body to purify energy patterns, paving way for higher discipline of mind. Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Program’s objective is to initiate body processes of purification, relaxation, steadiness and lightness to draw our attention to the inner state of balance and harmony and to transform life into health and happiness. One can reap the following benefits from the program:

  • Learn physical techniques to supplement towards the broader aspects of Yoga.
  • Learn core Hatha Yoga practices like kriyā (cleansing technique) āsana, prāṇayāma, mudrā, bandha etc. and make foundation for higher Yogas.
  • Learn Yoga in the midst of nature and immerse yourself in the serene expanse of sustainable agriculture farm.
  • Gain maximum out of the program by way of our teaching methods to bring to you the health-care aspect of Yoga.
  • Acquaint yourself with the four major paths of Yoga for harmonious development of personality and fulfill the purpose of Hatha Yoga as stepping stone to higher Yogas.
  • Make your learning a unique experience by living around a working Indian agriculture farm.
  • Participate in the celebrations of festivals and occasions and know the spiritual significance or morals behind.