Hatha: A Profound Technology For Inner Well-being

Health and Wellbeing are the basis of prosperity, success, peace, development and spiritual unfoldment. The science of Hatha Yoga when put into use through the body, we find it as a profound mechanism for total well-being.

Wellbeing implies a harmonious psycho-physical state of being. That is a harmonious function of both body and mind. A truly healthy person has a strong will, disciplined senses, thoughtful mind and a vital body free from disease.


Hatha Yoga is part of Raja Yoga. It includes Asana or physical postures; Pranayama or breathing control; Mudra or special poses involving deep mental concentration; Bandhas or ‘ties’ involving concentration of prana at certain areas and kriyas or purificatory exercises. However, the most recognized aspect of Hatha Yoga is asana – a system of physical poses which, when done with poise, grace and serenity, promote vibrant health in the entire body. Let us take the example of asana to see its cutting-edge way of working.

Shape & Mind

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When we take our body into a particular asana, we are doing two things. First, we are giving it a particular shape and second, we are having our mind experience that geometric formation of body by virtue of asana. We are impressing upon our mind that geometrical formation and are creating a tool or yantra for mind. Hatha Yoga in this way builds a bridge from the body to the deepest layers of the mind which deal with geometry, with form, with memory, and which send forth the commands to control the entire autonomic system (Veda Bharati, 1998). So, asana is only one aspect of understanding the mechanics of body, creating a certain atmosphere within and then using the asana to channelize energy. In this way gradually we experience the subtle aspects of personality like mind.

Obey the Mind

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As our mind watch the body getting developed, becoming relaxed, releasing tensions, removing its pain, our body ultimately learns to obey the mind. In fact, body had always been under the mind but we are so engrossed in crude routine of life that we are not aware of this simple fact. Once we gain this dominance of mind over body, the experience of life changes. Now, with mind over body we can make things within us the way we want. We are now master of our own happiness, moods, emotions and thoughts. So, isn’t Hatha a profound technology using which we can make things happen within us as we want?

Once the power that the body has over mind is completely broken through Hatha Yoga, we breath more deeply, we stay more healthy, our internal organs work better and we feel more energetic.  Or in other words our body becomes a fit vessel for spiritual goals. This inner fitness is the real wellbeing.

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