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    For our students we not only focus on providing a high quality of life but also wholesome life. Enjoy everyday fresh organic meals, use yoga resource library, learn the art of calming down the mind, tune with the nature, practice karma yoga and slowly open to larger awareness for a holistic experience.


    When practiced properly, Hatha is a profound technology for inner well-being. Our proficiency in Hatha Yoga is based on our mastery over Yoga fundamentals, intelligent verbal cueing and hands-on adjustments. We apply the dynamics and ethics of Hatha, through a standardized training, for you to experience the safest, transformational, and sustainable Yoga.


    It is a matter of great satisfaction to announce for all our students and yoga community about the upcoming Maharishi Vastu Yoga Hall at Akshara Yoga School. A vastu building ensures perfect integration with nature and has a nourishing influence on our health, happiness and enlightenment.


The 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course is a fully residential 4 weeks course in
Hatha Yoga accredited by YOGA ALLIANCE

Yoga teacher training course is for all yoga enthusiasts from across the world wishing to gain true, reliable and relevant yoga knowledge on the spiritual land of India and to disseminate it further. Yoga TTC is offered in classical Hatha yoga as a holistic science of living, dealing with the complete phenomena of human personality for one’s total well-being. Become yourself a beacon of this knowledge as a Certified Yoga Teacher from Akshara Yoga School

Please Note: Students may range anywhere from 1 to 8 in a Batch

Upcoming TTC Dates

  • 1st Nov 2022

    200 hour Hatha yoga ttc


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  • 1st Dec 2022

    200 hour Hatha yoga ttc


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  • 1st Feb 2023

    200 hour Hatha yoga ttc


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  • 2nd March 2023

    200 hour Hatha yoga ttc


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What Our Students Say

It is a very beautiful and calming place. The environment is great and the school provides very good classes. The YTT was well organized and the food is organic, just from their garden, and very tasty. I had a great time being here!



The location , the owners, teachers and the food… everything is so perfect cannot be described in words. One has to come and experience. Don’t know how soon the days passed… I am going from here just not with the yoga certificate but also the glory of life. I wish Akshara to keep growing and flourishing.



It was a great experience to learn yoga at Akshara Yoga School. Excellent and caring teachers with full command over the subject. The food is pure, healthy and organic from the farm. I recommend it to everyone who wishes to learn authentic yoga.



Akshara yoga school situated near Himalayas is a place of serenity, purity, and rejuvenation. This was my second visit as I enrolled myself to 200 Hr Hatha yoga TTC course. For me it was a journey of transformation. Delicious Indian cuisines (totally organic), lush green surroundings, fruit orchards ,relaxing open bathing area , spacious rooms are some of the luxuries you can enjoy. The teachers are full of knowledge and sincerity.



I enjoyed my time at Akshara Yoga School a lot. The farm is far away of all the stress, noise and temptations of city life, which really helps to stay focused on the training.

The organisation is exceptional – everything was organized as soon as I stepped on Indian ground in Delhi Airport. All the food comes directly from the organic farm. Saurabh and Varvara do a great job and complete each other very well. Saurabh has all the knowledge in traditional Hatha and Yoga philosophy. Varvara has great experience as a teacher in the west and knows, which adjustments might be needed and what clients in the west expect. In this way I feel to have learnt both – tradition and modern style.



I have been at Akshara Yoga school for yoga vacation and it has been an amazing experience to me. The place is beautiful in the middle of nature, very green and peaceful. I have had yoga and meditation lessons both practice and theory, means the teachers there are well qualified. At the same time they are friendly and helpful. The school is very clean , room is comfortable and you have your own space. The food is delicious! I highly recommend for everyone and I will go back for sure!

Flor de Loto


One of the best yoga school in North India the location of this school is very good and perfect for yoga.



A great experience learning from an enthusiastic yet humble, wonderful teacher. Food here is great – straight out of their farm to our table, mainly organic.



The 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course intensive at Akshara Yoga School is nothing short of first rate. The program’s curriculum is comprehensive, focused, detailed, and well-organized, presented by the teacher, Saurabh Chaudhary, in an exceptionally steady manner that can be readily absorbed. No stone was left uncovered. A student will walk away with immediate knowledge that will serve him/her well, both on and off the mat. I will be looking forward to returning to Akshara if a 300-hour or 500-hour course is made available there OR for a yoga retreat. Thank you so much for the great experience and wonderful education!



Without a doubt one of the main advantages of Akshara yoga school is it’s location. Away from cities, commerce and noise, untouched by tourism, amidst pure nature – your focus here naturally flows towards the main reason of your being there – Yoga. 200 hrs TTC is a well structured course, interlacing practicum with theory. Introducing important traditional and philosophical aspects of yoga it provides a solid and strong foundation upon which you wil be able to build any kind of further yoga exploration. Saurabh, the teacher, has a good educational backgroud and you can feel he is doing his work out of sincere love for yoga. Him and his family took a really good care of us. The month at this school flied away and I could have stayed much longer.



Great, nice and humble teacher and supportive loving family with a lot to share in a beautiful sceneries and atmosphere. If you want to learn yoga and to feel at home, we recommend you to go there ! Thank you all for your help, love and care.



Indeed, a great and wonderful 200 hours Yoga TTC in Akshara Yoga School with lots of new learning. The yoga training of 28 successful days reminds me that I have been part of something that is simply an amazing experience.




Meet Our Talented Team

  • Saurabh Chaudhary

    Chief Yoga Teacher: Hatha

  • Varvara Marinatou

    Yoga Teacher: Hatha Flow

  • Gaurav Chaudhary

    Sustainability Officer


on farm in the foothills of


Our Major Offerings

  • Shat Karma

    Bring control on different reflexes and establish psycho-physiological balance through purification processes

  • Asana

    Stabilize the mind and body through static stretching. Establish the rhythm in the neuromuscular impulses and improve muscle tone

  • Pranayama

    Extend the life force or vital energy in the body. Connect body and mind and open higher states of consciousness

  • Dharana & Dhyana

    Dharna is what you do; dhyana is what happens to you. Dhyana is the state of effortlessness and beginning of Yoga

  • Advance Techniques

    Work on each kosha or sheath of the five layered existence of our personality known as Panchkosha

  • Relaxation Techniques

    Yoga is more about undoing rather than doing. Undo and unfurl into who you are. Come home to yourself and feel relaxed

  • Yog Darshana

    Yog darshana is not a philosophy. It is not manufacturing Reality with reason. Reality exists and Darshana is its realization

  • Teaching Methodology

    As Yoga educator we create learning experience and bring out all that is best in you


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