Importance of Inverted Asana

Importance of Inverted Asana

Inverted asana

Asana is one of the most widely practiced aspects of Yoga. Asana is a yogic posture which is stable and comfortable. The aim of asana is to bring stability in body and calmness in mind. Practicing asana is also one of the easiest ways to introduce Yoga into one’s life. Our focus in this article is to emphasize on keeping some inverted postures in your daily yoga asana practice, for their sheer importance towards health and wellbeing.

Action of gravity

In every upside-down postures, the reverse effect of gravity has deep impact on different body parts. Foremost is the increased blood flow to the brain revitalizing the entire body and mind. Secondly, the venous blood return becomes easy to flow downward to the heart, providing it rest. Thirdly, in reverse position of body, the spine is relieved of continuous strain of upright position.


Asana means consciously putting our body into different postures to experience a different level of consciousness. Inverted postures like Head Stand, open new facets to our static patterns of behavior and being by turning things upside down.


When the body is in an inverted asana, breath becomes slow and deep, encouraging correct respiration. For example, in Shoulder Stand posture, abdominal breathing is induced, improving the exchange of air in the body, relieving stress and massaging the abdominal organs.


Like any other balancing pose, inverted asanas demand complete mental composure. They are helpful in quieting the mind and developing mental focus and concentration. They refine our consciousness and improve our ability to meditate.

Energizing and Relaxing

By improving blood circulation in head region inverted postures help in physical invigoration and mental revitalization. They also work to calm the nervous system, giving a feeling of calmness and relaxation.

Though inverted asanas are important to our health, they should be practiced with care. They should be avoided in case of high blood pressure, heart disease and slipped disc. Inverted postures should also be avoided during menstruation.

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