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Positive Health

Health is the most substantial outcome of Yoga. Yet we miss this important aspect of Yoga as we rush to complete any Yoga teacher training program. Our 28 days Hatha Yoga teacher training program is the one that not only helps you to gain teaching competency but also experience positive health. Learn to teach Yoga with exuberance by understanding, embracing and experiencing the inner mechanisms for complete health and well-being. Our school‘s countryside location with its clean and green environment comes as a natural support to you, as you learn to relax and tone different muscle groups through yoga along with its calming effect on the mind, towards a continuous expansion of your health dimensions.

Yoga life
Sunset over sugar cane field
Yoga Asana

The true spirit of Yoga lies in experiencing the expansion within, which is brought about by forging the absolute balance between body and mind and Hatha Yoga truly masters this art of balance by systematically taking you from gross to subtle awareness. Rediscover your health with us as you refine your Yoga knowledge, practice and its teaching with us.

Organic Food

Akshara is a unique place where healthy and pure vegetarian organic food is served daily to all yoga school residents. A light and balanced vegetarian diet is considered conducive for yoga practice according to Hatha yoga.

Cereals and vegetables are grown organically in our own farm and served fresh.The school has many orchards for seasonal supplies of fruits as well

Farm Fresh Milk

Milk and milk products form an important part of Yogic diet science ancient times. Cow’s milk is considered as an elixir in Yogic traditions and has healing properties. Hatha yoga has considered milk and ghee as conducive for yoga practice.

In our yoga school we provide fresh and pure milk procured fromour own dairy farm. All cows are fed on a highly nutritious forage and silage, grown and prepared at our farm to get high quality nutritious milk.

Living And Learning

We provide comfortable living with all the amenities to make life easier for students. A pleasant living experience makes a delightful learning experience. We provide twin sharing comfortable rooms with attach toilets. All toilets are fitted with modern fixtures to provide you a really comfortable experience.Every morning after breakfast students practice karma yoga (selfless action or action in relaxation) in the school’s garden or at farm fields to bring out the inner bliss and exude happiness and satisfaction throughout the day.

We provide hobby and recreation activities for students. Students can choose the recreation/leisure activity that one wishes to do. One can learn Indian cooking, painting (traditional madhubani), organic kitchen gardening etc. in their free time. We also encourage students to engage in any outdoor activity that can be done in leisure time amid nature.

TTC students in Chuka Beach


We conduct outing in weekends for TTC students. Pilibhit is located on the sub-Himalayan plateau in the foothills of Shivalik range. Because of its geographical advantage Pilibhit district is home to rich forest and water bodies. It has several scenic places which can be perfect gateways for outings.

Chuka Beach

A prominent and beautiful tourist destination is Chuka Beach situated between Sharda Sagar Dam and Sharda canal. The reservoir is about 2.5 km in width and around 17 km in length. This is a beautiful location with all the natural beauties of forest under Mahof Forest Range in Pilibhit.

Pilibhit Tiger Reserve

Pilibhit Tiger Reserve is located close to the Yoga School. It lies along the India-Nepal border in the foothills of the Himalayas and the plains of the ‘terai’ in UttarPradesh. It is one of India’s 41 Project Tiger reserves. Pilibhit is one of the few well forested districts in Uttar Pradesh.

The Pilibhit Tiger Reserve is one of the finest examples of the exceedingly diverse and productive Terai ecosystems. It is home to a habitat for over 127 animals, 556 bird species and 2,100 flowering plants.

Pilibhit Tiger Reserve
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