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The school is located about 300 km from New Delhi on a farm in village called Tanda Vijaisi at the Himalayan foothills. We warmly welcome all the yoga students across the world to the farm house, surrounded by wide open spaces, mango groves and woodland.

The Chaudhary Farms as is it called and which serves the location of our school, is a wonderful Indian farmhouse surrounded by nature. The Yoga School is a blend of modern and ashram style residence where you can learn in-depth yoga and experience moments of pure relaxation. The natural landscape, committed yoga teachers and friendly staff makes this countryside Yoga School an ideal venue for yoga teacher training and vacation.

The true spirit of Yoga lies in experiencing the expansion within, which is brought about by forging the absolute balance between body and mind and Hatha Yoga truly masters this art of balance by systematically taking you through gross to subtle awareness. Rediscover your health with us as you refineyour Yoga knowledge, practice and its teaching.

Yoga Alliance
Beautiful school garden
Founder Saurabh Chaudhary


Akshara Yoga School is founded by Saurabh Chaudhary in 2015. He has obtained his yoga education from the leading yoga institutes of India. He holds a masters degree in Yoga as well as a diploma in Yoga Studies. He is an avid yoga practitioner with deep philosophical insights into Yoga and Vedanta.

He is a member of Indian Yoga Association (IYA/15/G164) and certified Yoga Teacher from Quality Council of India and Yoga Alliance. He has also qualified UGC N.E.T. (National Eligibility Test) in Yoga.


Akshara Yoga school is a registered yoga school from Yoga Alliance, USA. Students will be awarded certificate from Yoga Alliance upon successful completion of their course.

Quality Of Life

Students lead a high quality yoga centric life in clean, green, healthy and peaceful environment provided by the school. This is ensured by lush green campus away from city noise and pollution in the midst of nature. The school is surrounded by green vegetation including crops, orchards, kitchen garden and various trees.

Yoga centric life
Yoga certificates
Green vegetation
Fresh meals

All school residents get fresh meals with most of fruits, vegetables and cereals organically sourced at our own farm. All dairy products are prepared from farm fresh milk produced at our own dairy farm. Our school offers unmatched quality of life supported by clean air, wholesome diet and serene atmosphere.

Four Yoga

Four Yoga

The four major paths of yoga propounded by Swami Vivekananda as different paths leading to the same goal of freedom, is offered in the curriculum. The four yogas are essential for deeper understanding of yogic and spiritual lore. Though yoga is one, however for diverse human dispositions yoga assumes four different paths to suit individual need. Combining all the four Yogas in one’s life leads to harmonious development of personality.

By synthesis of the four Yogas one develops all–round personality – physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual. Come to Akshara Yoga School to experience harmony within by way of Four Yogas blended in the daily Hatha Yoga TTC routine.

Cyclic Meditation

All students learn Cyclic Meditation (CM). CM is an advance yoga practice developed in the research laboratories of SVYASA University, India. CM is adapted after research on ancient yoga text suggesting that combination of ‘awakening’ and ‘calming’ measures are well suited to reach a balanced, relaxed state of being. CM consists of cycle of simple asana interspersed with relaxation techniques.

A single session (20-30 min) of CM is equal to six hours of sleep measured by calming effect it has on body and mind.

Cyclic Meditation

Hatha Yoga TTC

Akshara yoga school offers a fully residential one month yoga teacher training course in classical Hatha Yoga. All the important aspects of yoga like sūryanamaskāra, āsana, prāṇāyāma, dhyāna, mudrā, bandha, kriyā along with other advance yoga techniques are covered in the program.

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