Shiva, the Adi Yogi

Yoga is a subtle science, belonging to the spiritual realm. In this article, in order to make our self familiar with the subtlety of yogic knowledge, we will focus on Shiva, the originator of Yoga.  Understanding Shiva, the Adi Yogi or first yogi, the Adi Guru or the first guru can be of great help for Yoga students to grasp the essence of Yoga and spirituality.


Shiva means the infinite consciousness or the disembodied being. He is the vast nothingness beyond any physical form. Spirituality means seeking beyond the physical boundaries. This seeking into the vast disembodied being or Shiva is the doorway to the vast possibilities that lies within the confines of our embodied self. There is no way to reach this dimension without surrendering our awareness attached to our body or any other physical object. When we consciously reach out to this non-physical dimension in a methodical way, it becomes Yoga. Whole science of yoga teaches us that there is a mechanism to transcend the physical limitations to go into the beyond. A slight experience of this realm beyond the physicality is enough to create the magnificent transformation in an individual’s life.




In the embodied form, Shiva is not the God but the first Yoga teacher who disseminated the knowledge of Yoga to his few selected students, who further went on the spread this knowledge of Yoga. What Shiva taught was not knowledge of civilizational descent or thought process. It was his revelations and immense inner experiences of his being. Similarly, the way he instructed was not through theories or intellectual process, but the transmission of energies and vibrations.

Technology and Wellbeing

Therefore, Yoga is not a religion or philosophy or cult. It is a technology made available by Shiva to use by everyone for his or her inner wellbeing. Whether we believe in something or not, if we practice Yoga this technology will work for us. This is just like any other technology that work for us irrespective of our backgrounds, thought process or belief systems.

Perfect Master

If we look into the life of Shiva we find that he was someone who breaks himself free of all traditions and value system. On physical plane he was not caught with the conflict of good or bad and took whatever comes his way with all delight and seems to be in great intoxication with his material enjoyments. Yet he was fully aware of his Shiva aspect of infinite awareness beyond the physical world. As a perfect master Shiva has shown that spiritual process is completely independent of morals, culture and dualities of all kinds.


That is why Shiva chose Mount Kailash in the Himalayas as his abode. This high altitude abode suggests that he progressively went on shedding all associations, notions and ideas that are imposed by the civilizational or cultural process. A person of Shiva’s caliber only can embrace Yoga in its entirety.

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