hatha yoga

Pranayama and its Classification

Pranayama is the third practice of Hatha Yoga. After practicing Kriya (cleansing techniques) and Asana we prepare ourselves for the practice of Pranayama. Pranayama is practised to increase the vitality of the body and mind. The aim of Pranayama is not to introduce extra oxygen into lungs. But its to make our breath slow, deep and rhythmic. Finally, this slow

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Why Hatha Yoga is so Popular

Hatha Yoga is a way of disciplining the body. It is working with the body, purifying it and preparing it for channelizing energy towards higher centers. Hath Yoga aims at understanding the science of physiology, to create certain environment within and finally propel energy in specific channels for subtle experiences. Hatha Yoga’s popularity lies in its very nature as a

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