How You Can Spend Your Leisure Time at Akshara Yoga School

An intensive 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training course for preparing students to take the role of yoga teacher can be hectic in nature. One has to learn a number of asanas, few pranayama, kriya and also learn the technique to focus mind on single object for meditation. Along with this one has to acquire teaching techniques with sound verbal skills for giving yoga lessons. Over and above one also has to familiarize with yoga philosophy to properly guide his or her future students on the path of Yoga. Thus Yoga Teacher Training may unfold for many fresher students as a frantic and tiring track.

Taking note of the busy nature of Yoga Teacher Training program, we at Akshara Yoga School have provided a fair scope of leisure time for students to stay healthy and energetic throughout the course. Being involved in leisure activity can infuse in one an increased energy and can also be relaxing as well. We provide an excellent environment to our students for self development and fulfillment of personal and developmental goals. One can have following crossing-off activities to keep oneself motivated on the path of yoga.

Morning Walk

Morning walk in clean surroundings amid nature is a great way to start your daily yoga program. It is one of the most satisfying activities which contribute to overall health. We have long walk ways amid agriculture fields to feel revitalized and connected with nature.

Agronomy and Dairy

Our school is located on sustainable farm where we grow crops like paddy, wheat, sugarcane and peas along with poplar tree based agro-forestry. We also have highly efficient cow based dairy. This can be a great exposure into different segment to learn and gain new insights in your leisure time.

Hobby and Interests

One can find one’s creative side by resorting to a hobby. This helps to reduce stress and keep mind active and creative. You can also use your leisure time to try something. Which you have wanted to do for a long time like meditation and reading books on your favorite subjects. All this is possible at our school.


Students can also use their leisure as an opportunity to reflect on their studies by looking at what they have learnt. what they may need to place more focus upon. Keeping yourself up to date with everything you do can give you the peace of mind.

All this and more is awaiting for you at Akshara Yoga School.