The Climax of Yoga: Relaxation

Relaxation is the climax of yoga. Practice of yoga and relaxation go together. In relaxation there is the seed of awakening. When you have learned the art of relaxation, you are the master of yoga. But we are hardly relaxed. In the core of our being we are tensed and thereby away from our true nature. In utter relaxation alone there is enlightenment, self-realization, and the emergence of Buddha, Krishna, Christ, Muhammad or Lao.

Yoga an art of relaxation

The whole philosophy of yoga revolves around making our body and mind relaxed. In yoga practice you are not surrounded by any equipment, gear or special furnishings, because yoga wants you to just relax. The whole focus is on the intrinsic nature and not the extrinsic. In yoga only you are there along with the little space because yoga wants you to simply relax. History is full of examples of enlightened people, who when sat alone, quietly and totally relaxed in a little space, a higher knowledge and deeper wisdom is revealed to them. Since relaxation is the ultimate in yoga, there is no question of effort being employed to get the relaxation. Indeed no amount of effort can bring relaxation. Relaxation is always effortless. Relaxation is our true nature. It is the state of enlightenment free from ego. Effort belongs to the ego. We are always in the state of effort. In that effort there is always some tension, some thoughts, some fear which never allows us to relax.

Action in relaxation

What is karma Yoga? Karma yoga simply means action in relaxation. You work but that work does not bring toil upon you. You are totally alert and focused but relaxed. This is what Gita says ‘Yoga is skill in action’. Here ‘skill’ means that you are able to execute the action with least effort and hence no ego. When there is no ego in work, is there any scope of tension, fear or doubt? In karma yoga there is complete self-abnegation, where one work not for the results but for inner peace and relaxation.

 Relax the body and mind will follow

We begin by relaxing the body with the help of asana. Asana gently stimulate different group of muscles which is followed by relaxation. Be aware of the process of relaxation as it happens. Observe how the muscles and joints are getting relaxed after every gentle stimulation brought about by asana. Observe how the breath is getting slow and deep after each set of stimulation. In the next step observe the mind. When body is relaxed, mind is also absorbed in relaxation. Became aware of this process of body-mind connection. Once you are able to relax your body voluntarily you will be able to relax your mind voluntarily too. Learning to let-go completely our body, mind and emotions, we can touch the deepest core of our being and relax it too. That is the point of reaching the climax, the ultimate experience.

All yoga practice is to experience this relaxation. Yoga helps us to create a quality of consciousness where we learn do drop everything, doing nothing, not practicing anything. Just be there utterly relaxed and knowledge pours into you.

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