What is the best yoga school?

What is the best yoga school?

These days yoga schools are coming up everywhere like never before. Many schools across the world are highlighting their yoga certification program to become a certified yoga teacher from the respective school. With so many styles and traditions of yoga in the offering, it can become a difficult task for beginners to pick the right school for themselves. You can look at the following points while picking the best yoga school of your choice.


It is not only to possess yoga professional degree or certification by the faculty but also the natural urge in the teacher to imbibe the yogic principles in one’s life, which are clearly reflective in the teacher’s personality.  Such a teacher can relate his own inner yogic experiences with the classroom teaching. At Akshara Yoga School we ensure that you are surrounded by teachers who have strong feeling and commitment for Yoga.

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The schools natural environment can make a great impact on one’s learning and experience. Yoga which stands for harmony between man and nature, its lessons can be best assimilated when there is tuning with the nature. Akshara Yoga School boasts for its one of the best locations in India, situated on agriculture farm in the foothills of Himalayas.

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Land of origin

Every kind of knowledge is rooted to a certain land. Any art or science is best learned at its homeland. Yoga originated in India thousands of years ago and resonates in its soil. India is the home of Yoga, an ancient spiritual science which enables the person to surmount the physical world and comprehend divinity. No doubt, Akshara Yoga School is located in India for you to have the real sense of yoga.

Yoga in India


Though yoga belongs to spiritual domain, however you need to buy and register for the course in advance and have to go through the similar experience of buying any other consumer product. A high degree of professionalism in school’s website and a professional conduct by the staff during initial conversations, can talk a great deal about the forthcoming experience that you will get once you arrive at the school.

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Yoga style

Check for the yoga style in which the school offers their certification. See whether the style offered by the school goes well with your personal taste and philosophy.  Note that Hatha Yoga is the basic and traditional yoga style practiced for centuries and all contemporary styles of Yoga owes their existence to Hatha Yoga. At Akshara Yoga School we offer an exhaustive certification in Hatha Yoga.

After looking at these factors you will surely get the feeling of ‘this is the school’ for me. After this you are only few steps away for a memorable yoga experience.