What is Wisdom?

What is Wisdom?

Wisdom arises in the moments of pure relaxation. Wisdom is to see the things as they are and not as they appear. But to ‘see’ things are they are, cannot be accomplished from the surface layers of mind which are always agitated and disturbed and from where we normally operate. A deeply calm, subtle and penetrating mind has to be cultivated to see things and events in their real nature and not their deceptive form. The moment we transcend the activity of superficial thinking mind, we start moving towards deeper awareness and we experience both wisdom and state of inner relaxation.  

Obtaining the right wisdom and carrying it within has been the focal point of all spiritual tradition. From schools of Yoga and Vedanta to the Buddha, search was on for pure knowledge and wisdom. Wisdom for what? For complete eradication of stresses and sufferings.

It was known that gathered knowledge and skill are insufficient means for termination of stresses and states of bondage. People had the knowledge of stars and planets and skills to focus their minds but still there seems to be no end for stress. Stress is not just a modern day phenomena. Stress represents imbalance and imbalances were there in the past too. Patanjali has described stress as klesha and Buddha as dukha. Every action and effort was falling short to deal with the problem of stress or misery. Misery existed beyond doubt and the methods for its eradication were limited and uncertain. There was the need of a completely new way to reach out complete solution to the problem of stress. A discovery had to be made. If there is a problem, then solution has to be there.

Knowledge and skill are part of action and effort. Every time an action is made, something new emerges. With action there is new result, a new building up, a new becoming and a new variant of stress. Action, knowledge and skill howsoever precise and sublime may be, were proving insufficient. Something was missing. What exists beyond human action, knowledge and skill may be the solution. But that is the unknown realm full of speculation and without any perceptual reality or evidence. What if we start observing the action? All kinds of action, those which proceed from body and also those intrinsic to the body like breath, if put under awareness? Actions are endless and flowing with the actions has the potency to propel us endlessly in this present state of imbalance or stress. Therefore, observing action and witnessing it is the new discovery. With this discovery the search came to an end and there is dawn of wisdom.

Thus, the wisdom is in witnessing. Witnessing dissolves ego. Earlier action was building up knowledge and skill, which is feeding the ego. Ego is imbalance and hence stress and misery. Action-knowledge-skill-ego-bondage-stress-misery. A great vicious circle. Now the only way out is to witness. Witness the action of breath, witness the action of mind, and witness the action of body is the way formard. For the first time rather than working for action, witnessing of action happened and that made all the difference. Action is still present, but its ‘doer’ is absent since the doer is witnessing. Now the action is not mere action. Action is transformed and so the individual. Now the action is in ‘relaxation’. Refinement of action is not its outward execution but inner intention, freedom and let-go.

Therefore, the wisdom that emerges from witnessing says that it is not the amount or magnitude of action that is important. Important is how much of it is done under the state of witnessing. Under witnessing there is no ‘doer of action’ or sense of doer-ship. Once the sense of doer-ship subsides there is no ego. There is a great release within and deep sense of ease, comfort, relaxation and letting-go. There is instant awakening to the nature of stress, its cause and the means to liberate from it.

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