Why Hatha Yoga is so Popular

Hatha Yoga is a way of disciplining the body. It is working with the body, purifying it and preparing it for channelizing energy towards higher centers. Hath Yoga aims at understanding the science of physiology, to create certain environment within and finally propel energy in specific channels for subtle experiences.

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Hatha Yoga’s popularity lies in its very nature as a system of bodily forms and practices designed to align and calm body and mind to prepare the practitioner for meditation. During the course of Yoga practice one experiences a positive change in one’s physiology and psychology. The new phenomena that emerge in human body through Yoga have attracted the attention of scientific community. Most of the yogic claims are now backed by evidence. This scientific validation improved the acceptability of Yoga.  So we can say that the popular appeal of Yoga across the world is concentrated mainly around its physical form, called Hatha Yoga.

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Therefore the appeal of Hatha Yoga to vast number of people lies is a scientific system. Which they can introduce in their daily lives, so that they can fill the gap in the pattern of their existence. Hatha Yoga being physical in nature offers something tangible which people can associate with the everyday values of life.

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Further, the nature of Hatha Yoga texts is such that it extols health benefits. One can reap these benefits by practicing various asanas and pranayama. Today with medical backing, there is no doubt that one can have profound influence on one’s health and fitness with the regular practice of Hatha Yoga. Yoga practices have shown to reduce physiological signs of mental stress. Both in normal persons and in those with abnormally high levels of stress. Therefore Hatha Yoga is getting world-wide acceptance as an important system of health care.

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