Why OM is the Greatest Symbol of Meditation

Om is not a religious symbol but the symbol of universe. According to latest research in physics universe is made up of information. Though science has still to reach at the ultimate reality, spirituality has long ago decoded it as Consciousness (Brahman or Atman) beyond subject-object relation. The whole universe is an expression of this Consciousness or Reality and some of the aspects of universe have been greatly understood by science today.


According to the intuition of a Yogi this universe in totality exist in waking (gross or matter), dreaming (subtle) and deep sleep (causal) states. According to the intuition of scientist this universe exists in the form of energy. The information of this energy (matter) is expressed in the form of E=mc2.

With further advancement in physics and as the scientists reach more subtle states of universe, researches further found this information in fine geometric shapes and figures.

Similarly, the figure ॐ (OM) made up of three syllable i.e. A, U & M expresses the entire information of universe. The syllable ‘A’ represents gross (matter) phenomena, ‘U’ represents dream phenomena and ‘M’ represents the deep sleep phenomena of entire universe. That is why meditation on OM is considered as most powerful symbol because of its depth and expanse.

OM’s Infinite

OM’s infinite possibilities and inexhaustible information is clearly explained in various Upanishads, especially the Mandukya Upanishad. It says, the whole universe is syllable OM. Everything that was, is, or will be is in truth OM. Whatever else there is beyond the threefold time, that too is only the syllable OM.

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Further OM is the primordial sound from which all other sound and creation emerge. It underlies all phonetic creations. The utterance of OM, consisting of the three letters A, U, and M, covers the whole process of articulation. It is like the sound of a gong that gradually tapers to a point and merges in silence. One who attains OM, merges with the Absolute.

OM is thus the symbol of the entire universe of thought and perception that we experience. This is in all the states of our existence. Understanding OM in its totality is included in our Yoga Teacher Training course. So that the students can easily adopt OM as a symbol of meditation and explore the inner science of Yoga.