Yoga Day Celebration

No matter which profession you belong to or which faith you believe in, a healthy physique and peaceful mind will be all that you wish for. It’s here that Yoga has emerged as a highly revered and effective way of staying fit. With the rapidly increasing popularity of this practice, 21st June is celebrated as the International Yoga Day across the world. The day not only marks the emergence of Yoga in the global platform but also celebrates its unique spirit.

As one of the pioneers of healthy living, Akshara Yoga School promises to take this Yoga revolution forward. By participating and representing India in Tunisia, the leading Yoga trainer of Akshara Yoga School, Mr. Saurabh Chaudhary made the country and the school quite proud as the brand ambassador of the Indian government.

Yoga Vacation India

The Response

As stated by our trainer, the Tunisian people were more than happy to receive Yoga training from him. The country prides on its rich cultural heritage along with an undying passion for proper and authentic Yoga training. Most intriguingly, Tunisia has some of the leading Yoga institutes with the most talented trainers. Quite naturally, the country welcomed our trainer Mr. Saurabh with open arms.

The Schedule

Our trainer Mr. Saurabh had this unique vision of presenting the Yogic forms in the traditional Indian style. He offered highly engaging and tranquil sessions of Yoga at five different locations of Tunisia. Bizerte happens to be one of these places.

Since our trainer wanted to offer the gift of peace and tranquility to the Tunisian people, each of these Yoga sessions conveyed the exact connotation of spirituality, equilibrium, and balance in life.

Yoga Vacation India

Highlights of the Event

As one of the leading Yoga institutes, Akshara Yoga School always tries their best to promote Yoga as one of the most effective ways of leading a healthy life. By representing the country in this international Yoga day celebration, we wished to promote this practice amongst innumerable people, thus attracting followers and enthusiasts from all quarters of the society.

With Yoga emerging as a health boosting and curative practice across the globe, our main emphasis was to help people embrace it as a part of their lives. Since the preliminary objective of this Yoga Day celebration was the promotion of a sustainable life, our trainer made it a point to engage every participant in this activity.

We fostered a unique ambiance of collective consciousness, mutual understanding, and compassion amongst the participants. Mr. Saurabh helped them reach a state of equilibrium, where they found peace, joy, and ecstasy, thus freeing themselves from the critical worldly issues.

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Realizing Your Inner Self

With its origin in the Sanskrit script, the term ‘Yoga’ reflects the amalgamation of ‘concentration’ and ‘union.’ Simply put, it’s a unique state of mind, where individuals realize their inner-self and achieve a healthy body and mind.

As one of the trusted names in Yoga, we were quite happy to represent our country in the international platform. Mr. Saurabh truly made us proud with his spectacular performance and achievements in Tunisia. The entire event and state of affairs have been a highly prestigious moment for Akshara Yoga School.

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