Yoga in India and Health

Yoga in India and Health

Yoga is a spiritual discipline which aims for integrating the personality from lowest to the highest levels of one’s existence. From microcosm to macrocosm, from atomic to cosmic there is a sense of oneness, depicting the uniform flow of awareness. At the more apparent level yoga integrates body and mind towards an optimized life functioning.

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Yoga in India

Learning yoga in India is a unique opportunity to understand the nuances of yoga to bring out the magnificence of life. The principles of yoga are deeply rooted in Indian culture which governs the life towards creating harmony, balance, peace and nourishment in one’s own surroundings. Thus, yoga becomes a way of life which promotes conscious and not compulsive life which directly affects one’s health and well being levels.

Yoga achieves this conscious living by bringing one’s awareness first to the grossest level of one’s personality i.e. body. As we begin to feel our body, yoga systematically elevates our awareness towards the finer aspects of personality like prana (vital energy) and mind. These finer aspects can be traced beyond the confines of our physical body into the outside world to give us a sense of continuity and oneness. Since everything in the universe from gross to subtle is a single continuous mass of matter, the distinctions are narrowed. What once existed in pieces and functioned in compartments, now manifests and functions as one. Yoga defines this state as samatva or evenness. At body level this samatva can be experienced as homeostasis.

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Homeostasis is a state of balance within the internal environment of body, which ensures stability. Homeostasis is necessary for survival and in its absence instability and disease ensues. Thus, in India one can go deep into the foundations of health through yoga.

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