Yoga is a State of Equilibrium

Embrace balance in every moment of life by learning to act from the causal states of our mind. Tune to the silent layers of the causal states of our mind to experience the ‘steadiness’ in all situations. Yoga is a state of equilibrium, which is a combination of detachment at the level of mind, balance at the level of emotions and homeostasis at the level of body.

Integrate your personality into equilibrium from the yogic techniques of bodily relaxation, mastery over mind, emotional purification, intellectual analysis and action in relaxation. Yoga prepares for a lifestyle based on causal states of awareness, which brings our personality in tune with the cosmic order. Whole physiology works in an integrated and balanced fashion. There is a spontaneous resistance to any disorder at body, mind, emotions, memory and intellect, leading to a state of complete health and wellbeing.