Yoga is an Analysis of Happiness

This age of science has made man analytical in thinking and brought intellectual sharpness to the forefront. Yoga as a comprehensive science utilizes the dimension of intellect as well to raise and analyze the basic questions sought by man. Yoga questions the very basis and source of happiness and answers this by using analysis as its tool.

It analyzes the nature of Consciousness or Self. What we call as ‘I’ is normally the empirical consciousness entangled in the field of mind, intellect and other organs. All experiences are therefore relative and subject to change with the change in the operations of mind and intellect. It is the lack of this inner Jñāna (knowledge) responsible for all inner agitations.

Using intellectual analysis as a tool Yoga leads the practitioner to the substratum from where mind and intellect emerge i.e. Pure Consciousness, the causal state of ānanda or bliss. Get your own ‘Eureka’ moment of unbounded and unconditional happiness through Yoga.