7 Reasons To Go On Your Next Vacation To Yoga Retreat in India

It is funny but when you read blogs you come across people who decide to take a yoga vacation and pick places like Analusia and Bali. Then they write about a wonderful time at the beach and excursions and massages they enjoyed. This is not a true yoga vacation. It stands to reason that if you wish to truly learn yoga and change your life, you should head to India, the country that gave yoga to the world. It is just one reason. There are other equally convincing reasons to choose yoga retreat in India for your vacation.
It is pure yoga
If the purpose is yoga then focus purely on it by picking yoga vacation india based yoga retreats offer. You may spend only 10 days but the major part is spent in yoga ashrams, offering decent accommodation and food.
Learn from yoga gurus the way it has been taught since ancient times
You undergo yoga training for the major part of the day and you learn under yoga gurus who have been carrying on an ancient tradition going back thousands of years. You learn not only about poses but also how to do it, pranayama or science of breathing, the spiritual aspect and all interconnected parts of yoga. 10 days yoga vacation in India in the foothills of the Himalayas sets you up for life.
It is affordable
For as little as $ 400 for a 10 day stay in Akshara Yoga School in Pilbhit in UP, nestling in the lap of the Himalayas, you enjoy the beauties of Nature even as you spend each day in practice and acquisition of knowledge of yoga and how it connects your mind and body as well as connecting you with Nature.
Freedom of choices
At Akshar Yoga School you can spend the whole day learning and practising yoga, if you like, or you can just spend an hour. It is all up to you. Yoga gurus here understand you, your objectives and accordingly adjust sessions personalized to your comfort level. There are no rules except those that you make for yourself.
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Do not expect exotic resort like facilities you can get in Bali. You share rooms, eat organic wholesome vegetarian food and breathe in fresh air even as you learn. The yoga retreat in Pilibhit has studio, classrooms, internet wi-fi and a whole lot of material like books, videos and audio as well as lectures by yoga gurus.
Learn the type of yoga that will give you maximum benefit
Yoga has four divisions: jnana yoga, karma yoga, bhakti yoga and raja yoga. Most people pursue raja yoga courses which gives you total training for mind-body harmony through yama, niyama, asana, pranayama, pratyahara, dhyan and samadhi. However, you can even learn tantra yoga and hatha yoga, a branch of yoga that will cleanse body and mind and make you pure all over. Yoga is part of Vedas and Upanishads in which the yoga gurus at Akshara are well versed and impart true wisdom to you. 
Best value for money
If you want a vacation with yoga as a component, fine, you can go to Bali. If you want genuine yoga that benefits you permanently in a holistic way. The yoga vacation in India – Akshara Yoga School is transformational.