Yoga Vacation

Revive, Reconnect and Renovate

Refresh with Yoga Vacation

Akshara Yoga School located in the foothills of Himalayas at Chaudhary Farms is an ideal place to enjoy yoga during vacation. Yoga vacation offers an all in one opportunity to holiday, improve health and acquaint yourself with Yoga. Practice yoga sessions in morning, attend the philosophical discourse during the day, dive deep into advance yoga techniques to experience real world freshness and rejuvenation and tune with the nature during evening strolls around farm. Experience all this and much more in the environmentally health and sprawling peaceful locales of our school.

Yoga way of Life

Some of the highlights of program are:

  • Explore Yoga as a way of healthy living in natural and peaceful environment while you holiday on a sustainable agriculture farm.
  • Freedom to attend full Yoga Teacher Training schedule during the stay or choose your favorite sessions.
  • Witness or become a part of everyday activities that unfold daily on our agriculture farm including dairy.
  • Expert yoga faculty, idyllic ambiance and country side location to make you feel that your stay is worthwhile.
  • Opportunity for self-study, contemplation upon and absorption of yogic insights.


  • Comfortable twin sharing rooms with attach bathrooms
  • Fresh and healthy organic meals with evening snacks
  • Free Wi-Fi and library facility
  • In-house facility of yoga teachers, staff, studio, class rooms etc., making 24 hour accessibility to all yoga resources

Unity in Diversity

Although yoga is one, still for industrious, reflective, emotional and restraint, for such different types of mind the branches of yoga is spread into four paths: for industrious people Karma yoga, for reflective Jnana yoga, for emotional beings it is Bhakti yoga and for rationalists it is Raja yoga or mastery over mind. Each of these yoga emerge from the infinite horizon of truth and lead to the same goal i.e. union with the supreme being.


At the surface each yoga practice may appear different; however the underlying mechanism is the same. Each yoga employs awakening and calming practices through different inner faculties, with each culminating at similar inner realization of total Silence. Know this essence of Yoga for smooth understanding and adoption of a Yoga path or a combination of them.


Action in Relaxation

“Not for a moment we are devoid of action” declared Bhagavadgita. Thus action is indispensable and can work for both i.e. our bondage and freedom. So why not make action a tool to develop inner freedom and lightness. Involve into any activity at farm and inquire by yourself if the ancient art of doing action skillfully (action in relaxation) is really a valid means of freedom, relaxation and inner bliss.

Slowing down of the breath, calming of the mind and relaxation to all groups of muscles is the way


Duration of yoga vacation is up to 10 days



A $400 fee will be charged for Yoga vacation. Please contact us through email for your bookings. Once we confirm your place you can pay your fee upon reaching the school.

Please note that it is a vacation program and hence no certificate will be issued for any learning or competency you gain.