Yoga: A way of life for refreshing mind and body

Yoga is an ancient Indian spiritual science comprising of physical and mental practices. It is the process of elevating oneself through the process of calming the mind. In simple terms Yoga means to give complete rest to body, mind and our entire being to feel refresh and energetic to be able to work again for days and months to come.

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Mind-Body Connection

According to Yoga whole creation exists on a single firmament of matter. Both body and mind are matter existing with different intensity. The body affects the mind and vice-versa. Yoga soothes both the mind and body and bridges the gap between the two.

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Mental recharge

when our mind is cluttered with thoughts it creates disturbances and fails to help us in daily life.  This is because when mind is filled with different thoughts it becomes weak and makes us feel tire. Yoga trains us to reduce unnecessary thoughts and eventually focus our mind on a single thought. When mind is able to stay on single object it becomes strong and make us efficient and energetic.

Self Delight

For a Yoga practitioner happiness is not dependent on outside factors. It becomes a natural state of being for him. When our happiness is dependent on a cause, it is invariably derived out of effort. On the other hand when our joy is without a cause it is effortless. With the help of Yoga we understand the art of joy which comes from within.

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Lightness in the limbs

When we practice asana and pranayama, steadiness comes to body and mind. Energy moves freely and there is less chance of falling sick. Blockages and toxins are removed, making body light and supple.

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Inner Retreat

Yoga delinks mind from the senses. When the mind is attached to the senses, it follows the sense objects without a slight concern of any consequences of mad rush. With yoga comes the awareness and the agitated mind returns to itself and begin to enjoy its own calm states. In this way Yoga provides a means of connecting with our true selves.


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