Yoga with Awareness

Yoga with Awareness

Yoga practices like asana and pranayama can give its practitioners multiple physical and psychical benefits. Yoga purifies the various systems of body as well as cleanses the pathways of subtle energy channels. If we are sensitive to inner cleansing, we can cultivate self-awareness and respond better to the demands and messages of body.

Awareness is one of the key components of yoga practice. In fact, it is awareness only which gives yoga a special place among various forms of healthy lifestyle, exercise or fitness regimes. Awareness in Yoga simply means keeping track of body movements, breath, sensations and various changes that occur in body and mind while practicing Yoga which includes kriya, asana, pranayam, etc. When we bring awareness we bring the component of mind into action. This makes yoga work on the entire personality rather than on parts or sections of one’s physicality as seen in other forms of exercise. According to Yoga, mind is all pervasive and not dependent on brain (physical part) for its existence. Mind exists independent of physical body and encompasses it all.

The traditional Yoga practice which involves awareness as its prime component helps in settling the mind into its tranquil states. When the individual mind is clear of disturbances it regains its own serene nature and achieves harmony with the cosmic mind.  The clear mind, traversing the entire body, infuses the very basic unit of life i.e. cell with vitality and bliss. Each cell and tissue functions in harmony and exhibit orderliness when surrounded by an unperturbed mind. When billions of recharged cells work in coherence, their collective entity which we call as physical body experiences an entirely different level of health outcomes.

A simple component of awareness can easily lead to a quantum surge in healthy feeling through yoga. Therefore, the yogic way of well-being starts by acknowledging the subtler dimensions of our personality which wield powerful effect on the grosser aspect i.e. body. We can say Yoga is all about nurturing the inner dimensions of personality for apparent manifestation of health in its different facets of physical, social and spiritual well-being. Anyone can achieve this state of perfect health simply by introducing the correct method of Yoga practice in one’s daily schedule.  

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