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200 Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

Hatha Yoga is the mother of all yoga styles and gives strong foundation in all the key elements of yoga like asana, pranayama, kriya and creates a conducive environment within us for higher practices like Dharana (concentration) and Dhyana (meditation). Hatha Yoga teacher training is a profound yoga course on alignment, purification and energy channelization towards absolute balance of mind and body.

Based on the basic principle of yoga as union Hatha Yoga brings unification. It is the union of the two polarities that we find universally throughout the nature. Hatha Yoga represents this duality in human system as ‘Ha’ which is right nostril or sun and ‘Tha’ which is left nostril or moon. When the dual aspects of Sun and Moon are aligned and merged there is awakening of higher consciousness in the practitioner. At the apparent level it is the combination of stimulation and relaxation or the awakening and calming practices that completes and balances the aspect of Ha-Tha. Bring the union of the forces of ‘Ha-Tha’ to broaden your understanding of yoga and deepen your practice with our yoga teacher training in India and thereby bring out the best yoga teacher and practitioner hidden in you.

Our Philosophy Of Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

We keep our Yoga Teacher Training program real and authentic to the core. We achieve this by adhering to the principles of Yoga given in the important yogic texts. The most prominent of them are Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Patanjali Yoga sutra and Bhagavad Gita. “Calming the mental distractions” as suggested by Patanjali is the bottom line of Yoga practice. Hatha Yoga brings this final result in a beautiful way of na hathāt na balāt “not with brutal force”, suggesting that a path of moderation is the best way to culture the mind. The path to moderation is ensured by the twin aspects of Abhyasa (practice) and Vairagya (non-attachment) that goes into the training, preventing us to deviate to the extremes.

When we train we also keep in mind the benchmarks of Yoga practice and teaching uphold by Yoga Alliance. We distinguish our self in this by meeting and exceeding the standards of quality, competence and safety of Yoga practitioners maintained by Yoga Alliance.

What our lead yoga teacher has to say about 200 hour Hatha Yoga TTC

Course Highlights

  • Genuine yogic lifestyle and holistic experience at our serene farm-based modern ashram.
  • Professional, scientific, intuitive and intelligent yoga teacher training course to help you advance your yoga career.
  • Learn how to design and give a coherent Hatha Yoga class with transformative potential.
  • Thorough exploration of asana, pranayama, alignment principles, modifications, variations, verbal instructions and hands-on yoga adjustment.
  • Full opportunity to raise questions and clear doubts about asana, pranayama, meditation or yoga philosophy.
  • Learn how to teach yoga practices to students with common aliments, injury or limiting condition.
  • Ample free time for self study and reflection.
  • Field trips and outing to Reserve Forests, National Parks, the Himalayas along with cultural immersions


  • Dimensional shift and capacity building the way we understand and use our body, mind and intellect.
  • Paradigm shift in the meaning and scope of health and wellbeing.
  • Skill building of par excellence in the art of teaching yoga.
  • Competency in dealing with modern day hazards like stress through yoga.
  • Understand and harness the interplay of opposite forces to cultivate inner balance.
  • Yoga Alliance Certification.


The 200-hour Hatha Yoga teacher training course provides a strong foundation in classical Hatha Yoga by training in six major areas. These powerful practices of Hatha transform one into a fountain of health and vigor; fight ageing and exhaustion; and gives mental clarity and charm.

  • Yogic Sukshma Vyayama: these are completely indigenous exercises of ancient origin. It is a set of 48 subtle exercises based on sophisticated knowledge of human system.
  • Yogic Sthula Vyayama: it is a set of 5 powerful physical exercises. This ancient yogic fitness regime revitalizes the entire physical body and tremendously improves physical fitness.
  • Classical Surya Namaskara: Surya Namaskara is a vital 12 step yogic practice of great antiquity. A practice of solar vitalization, Surya Namaskara is a holistic practice of complete integration of personality.
  • Asana: a potent aspect of Hatha Yoga, learn 50 asana as a tool for developing stability, awareness and radiant health. The profound mechanism of asana helps us to conquer the pair of opposites to experience inner equilibrium.
  • Kriya: learn 4 kriyas for internal purification. They detoxify the body, build deep internal awareness; and lead to voluntary control over involuntary reflexes.
  • Pranayama: Pranayama is a deep reflective practice which expands the life force, balances the flow of prana in the entire body and prepare for higher practices.

Other Aspects Include:

  • Meditation for overwhelming stillness and effortlessness leading to unparalleled bliss.
  • Advance yoga techniques for release of stress and tensions from the body -mind system. Essentials of anatomy and physiology. Yoga philosophy for broad and clear understanding of Yoga.

Course Break

Yogic sukshma & sthula vyayama, sun salutation, asana, pranayama, meditation, kriya, analytical training like principles of yoga adjustments, correction & assistance, karma yoga etc.

Meaning & aim of teaching, the learning process, practice & non-attachment, principles of alignment, communication, demonstration and tactile cues,post asana phase, hands-on adjustments, sequencing etc.

Introduction to human body, systems of body, evolution of brain and yoga, homeostasis, stress physiology and yoga, yoga anatomy, yoga & health, yoga & disease etc.

Meaning and nature of yoga, classical definitions of yoga, origin, history & development of yoga, Patanjali yogasutra, Bhagavadgita, four paths of yoga, principles of healthy lifestyle etc.

Application of learning objectives, yoga techniquepresentation, teaching practice and feedback, unleashing the full teaching potential.

For detailed information please click the syllabus button below:

Stimulation And Relaxation Combine Is The Key In Yoga


  • Three wholesome organic meals
  • Comfortable twin sharing accommodation
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Library with excellent collection of yoga books and magazines
  • Sprawling farm for leisure activities
  • Pick and drop facility from to New Delhi airport
  • Atmospheric Yoga Hall


Yoga is for everyone and everyone needs Yoga. Whether you have some prior experience of Yoga or if you are completely new to the discipline, Yoga picks the individual from where he/she is. What you need is the pragmatic awareness of the fact that Yoga is a spiritual discipline and that which strengthens your yoga practice should be observed and rest be rejected. We accept application from 18 years of age onward and there is no upper age limit. Even during the last stage of life Yoga practice accrues great benefit says the Bhagavadagītā.


Timings Session
6-7:30 AM Yoga Practice (Kriyā, āsana, prāṇāyāma, dhyāna)
8-8:30 AM Breakfast
8:45-9:15 AM Karma Yoga
10-11 AM Lecture/ Jñāna Yoga
11-12 AM Lecture/Asana Adjustment/Teaching Methodology
12-12:45 PM Advance Yoga Practice (Cyclic Meditation)
1-1:30 PM Lunch
3-4 PM Yoga Sūtras/Bhagavadgītā
4-5 PM Anatomy & Physiology
5-6 PM Asana Adjustments
6-7 PM Hatha Flow/Vinyasa
7-7:30 PM Trataka
8-8:30 PM Dinner
9:45 PM Lights-out

* Schedule for weekdays (Monday-Friday), Saturday: Half day, Sunday: Rest day/excursion

Course Location

Amidst the mysterious allure of chaotic India, our school is a tranquil oasis, a high-vibration modern Ashram for those seeking inner peace and holistic well-being. Akshara Yoga School is the only modern Ashram in North India located on a sustainable farm in the village Tanda Bijaisi, Pilibhit. You will be the part of traditional teaching method known as “Gurukul”, where students live with their Guru or teacher until they finish their study.

The Gurukul system is the best way to learn where both the teacher and students form a cohesive unit of mutual trust, learning and illumination. Akshara Yoga School is wholly dedicated to impart and develop necessary Yoga skills and knowledge for you to become the best possible Yoga teacher.

TTC Dates

Dates Price
April 1-28, 2024 $1350 Close
May 1-28, 2024 $1350 Available
June 1-28, 2024 $1350 Available
July 1-28, 2024 $1350 Available
August 1-28, 2024 $1350 Available
September 1-28, 2024 $1350 Available
October 1-28, 2024 $1350 Available
November 1-28, 2024 $1350 Available
December 1-28, 2024 $1350 Available

Book for 2 persons at $2400!

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