About Us

Akshara Yoga School is located in the foot hills of Himalayas in the midst of sustainable agriculture farm. Rich biodiversity, pollution free environment, healthy organic food and Yoga competency makes Akshara Yoga School, a one-of-a kind center for Yoga learning in India.The sanskrit word ‘Akshara’ denotes the ‘Imperishable’ Ātman, the unchanging dimension of absolute Silence in man. It also stands for the sacred syllable Om as well as Shiva and the state of Nirvana. Thus, the term Akshara highlights the dictum of Yoga as full awareness of the dimension of invariable (non-change) among the variable (change).

What we bring to our students is our competency and conviction in the scope and utility of yoga ranging from the most physical to the most spiritual. We strive to offer the best in Yoga practices and teaching methods in order to make all our Yoga programs a fulfilling experience. Towards serving the best interest of our goal of offering quality Yoga experience we acknowledge our limitations and remain steadfast in constant self-improvement and growth.

Our School

Akshara Yoga School

Our picturesque Yoga School is located in the midst of 70 acre sustainable agriculture farm away from city commotions, making it a one of its kind place to assimilate yoga teachings.

The peaceful surroundings and clean environment at Chaudharyfarms®, one of the leading agriculture farms in the north-west tarāī (Himalayan foothills) region of India serves as the backwoods of Akshara Yoga School. Located 300 km east of New Delhi in the district of Pilibhit, it is well connected by roads and rails.

Yoga Alliance

A rich biodiversity and ecology preserved in the farm by following the agronomy best practices along with dairy farming, ensures healthy air, water and soil that nourishes the farm. The school campus has more than hundred different types of plants and trees. All this secures a healthy living in school where we produce and serve healthy food for all the school residents. Most of the cereals, vegetables and fruits are grown organically in our own farm. Along with this we also serve milk and milk products from our own farm fresh unadulterated milk. Pure and healthy diet is important for yoga learning.

A quality Yoga training complying with the standards set by Yoga Alliance is thoroughly ensured in the school. This standard is met by our expert yoga faculty educated at leading yoga institutes and universities of India, along with their rich experience of yoga teaching.

Yoga Alliance

6 Reasons To Learn Yoga At Our School

    • Learn: learning is a process of adjustment
      and change. We mentor our students on this subtle art of
      psycho-physiological adjustments leading to permanent yoga
    • Teach: effective yoga teaching depends on
      the use of efficient teaching methods. Explore methodologies
      from ancient to modern and use them in your teachings for you
      to become an expert yoga teacher.
    • Essence: all yoga practices with their
      varied paths and styles are but an expression of its single
      essence. Gain access to the essence of yoga for you to become
      confident practitioner and teacher.
    • Practice: real yoga practice is that which
      never binds. Our expertise at infusing the component of
      withdrawal in the class gives you a liberating yoga practice.
    • Skill: yoga is a skill to calm down the mind.
      An artful practice of asana and pranayama along with their
      philosophical underpinnings is the key to that skill.
    • Curriculum: opportunity to learn yoga under
      our path-breaking curriculum designed by continuous refinement
      of knowledge and teaching experience.
Our mission

Our Mission

Impart yoga training which deepens and broadens the meaning and understanding of yogic knowledge, along with the competency to practice yoga yourself and to teach others for prosperity, health, happiness and harmony.

Our Vision

Real transformation of individual for simultaneous appreciation and fulfillment of material and spiritual values which is based on sustainability, sacrifice and compassion.

Agriculture farm
Yogasthafi Kuru Karmāṇi

Our Motto

Yogasthafi Kuru Karmāṇi –‘Established in Yoga Perform Action’ is the school’s motto taken from Bhagavadagītā (2.48). It is chosen for the fact that it captures the personality of India as land of spiritual technologies. Perform action or swadharma (one’s natural disposition), ‘categorical imperative’ and yet maintain the awareness of non-action i.e. Yog. This is the technique of mastering the dynamics of life. This is the eternal message of India – reconciliation of the apparent opposites of dynamism and silence into unity, into a harmonious whole and the same is true for the art and science of yoga.

This eternal message was given by Lord Sri Krishna to Arjuna in the battle field of life tore apart by duty versus ethics. Arjuna reconciled this duality by raising his awareness to the unchanging dimension of Yog or unified field, the epitome of Indian spiritual capabilities.

Inside The School

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