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Boost Health through Correct Breathing

Quality of our respiration plays an important role in our well-being. Normally we are not conscious of our breathing pattern, if it is faulty, shallow, nonrhythmic or haphazard. With simple breath awareness practices we can correct our breathing pattern if there are any irregularities and enhance the experience of our well-being.  Natural Breathing Breathing is one of the most important

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Yoga Teacher Training in India: Beyond Rishikesh

Does the tag of yoga capital of the world is apt for the entire Indian subcontinent or Rishikesh? Is Rishikesh a yoga or religious centre? Did this town in the Himalayan foothills played some crucial role in the origin and development of yoga or yoga originated at an entirely different place? What is really Yoga and which place in India

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The Climax of Yoga: Relaxation

Relaxation is the climax of yoga. Practice of yoga and relaxation go together. In relaxation there is the seed of awakening. When you have learned the art of relaxation, you are the master of yoga. But we are hardly relaxed. In the core of our being we are tensed and thereby away from our true nature. In utter relaxation alone

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Complete Rejuvenation with Sarvangasana

When it comes to inverted postures, Sarvangasana holds a very respectable place. Given its impressive benefits, in Hatha Yoga tradition Sarvangasana is regarded as mother of all asanas. As we move into Sarvangasana  we can feel our whole physiology being stimulated and worked upon and finally culminating into deep relaxation of body and mind as we move out of it.

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Understanding Knowledge

It is said knowledge is power. However the case may not be so in yoga and spirituality. Knowledge may appear to give some lead in mundane life activities and survival, but existentially knowledge is a burden. Once we understand the meaning of knowledge in its various connotations, the knowledge as we commonly understand it, will no longer be something to

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Use of Sound in Yoga

Since ancient times, people have been using sounds and music to bring changes in one’s state of being or to experience an altered state of mind. According to the vedic knowledge the expressed universe came into existence with an inexpressible sphota. This shpota has a word with the sound of Om. It is from the eternal Om that the whole

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