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Complete Rejuvenation with Sarvangasana

When it comes to inverted postures, Sarvangasana holds a very respectable place. Given its impressive benefits, in Hatha Yoga tradition Sarvangasana is regarded as mother of all asanas. As we move into Sarvangasana  we can feel our whole physiology being stimulated and worked upon and finally culminating into deep relaxation of body and mind as we move out of it.

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Understanding Knowledge

It is said knowledge is power. However the case may not be so in yoga and spirituality. Knowledge may appear to give some lead in mundane life activities and survival, but existentially knowledge is a burden. Once we understand the meaning of knowledge in its various connotations, the knowledge as we commonly understand it, will no longer be something to

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Use of Sound in Yoga

Since ancient times, people have been using sounds and music to bring changes in one’s state of being or to experience an altered state of mind. According to the vedic knowledge the expressed universe came into existence with an inexpressible sphota. This shpota has a word with the sound of Om. It is from the eternal Om that the whole

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Hatha: A Profound Technology For Inner Well-being

Health and Wellbeing are the basis of prosperity, success, peace, development and spiritual unfoldment. The science of Hatha Yoga when put into use through the body, we find it as a profound mechanism for total well-being. Wellbeing implies a harmonious psycho-physical state of being. That is a harmonious function of both body and mind. A truly healthy person has a

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Hatha Yoga for Youthfulness and Vigor

One of the reasons for Hatha Yoga to gain wide acceptance is the fascinating way its benefits have been described in Hatha yogic texts. In this blog we will see how Asana, Pranayama, Bandha etc. have powerful effect on body and mind for lasting youth and vigor. The popular appeal of Yoga is concentrated mainly around its physical form, called

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