Health Benefits of Asana

Asana simply means a state of being in which one can remain physically and mentally steady, calm, quiet and comfortable. However, the practice of cultural asanas affects our entire physical body in numerous ways which no other system can. The health benefits of asanas are immense. Yoga asanas have been designed in order to bring about perfect physiological harmony in

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Four Paths of Yoga as Complete Health care System

Today, the modern age seems to be going through a great crisis. Science has revolutionized our life. It has considerably changed the old world by its wonderful new discoveries and inventions. No aspect of our life remains untouched of science. Technology has brought the sophistication where everything is almost achievable. However, in spite of this phenomenal growth in science and

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Why Hatha Yoga is so Popular

Hatha Yoga is a way of disciplining the body. It is working with the body, purifying it and preparing it for channelizing energy towards higher centers. Hath Yoga aims at understanding the science of physiology, to create certain environment within and finally propel energy in specific channels for subtle experiences. Hatha Yoga’s popularity lies in its very nature as a

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