Yoga and Health

Boost Health through Correct Breathing

Quality of our respiration plays an important role in our well-being. Normally we are not conscious of our breathing pattern, if it is faulty, shallow, nonrhythmic or haphazard. With simple breath awareness practices we can correct our breathing pattern if there are any irregularities and enhance the experience of our well-being.  Natural Breathing Breathing is one of the most important

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Complete Rejuvenation with Sarvangasana

When it comes to inverted postures, Sarvangasana holds a very respectable place. Given its impressive benefits, in Hatha Yoga tradition Sarvangasana is regarded as mother of all asanas. As we move into Sarvangasana  we can feel our whole physiology being stimulated and worked upon and finally culminating into deep relaxation of body and mind as we move out of it.

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Diet in Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga recommends a balanced diet for success in yogic practices. A healthy balanced diet and calculated yoga practice brings perfection says the old wisdom of Hatha. At Akshara Yoga School we emphasize on nourishing diet which can provide sufficient physical vigor. And also stabilize the mind for a successful yoga experience Nutrition There is a saying that ‘the road

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Yogic Sukshama Vyayama: A Subtle Practice of Yoga

Yoga & Discipline Yoga means a discipline of the mind and body. Its aim is to develop, through gradual stages, a quality of mind which can perceive reality and acquire self-knowledge through the healthy functioning of the mind and emotions. Yoga maintains that a health body and mind is essential for mental and spiritual development and whether you understand or

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